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GSB Repository for Slackware 13.1

I have mirrored GSB (GNOME SlackBuilds) repositories into our repo server. It's not listed in the main page, but still it can be accessed via HTTP and RSYNC:

So far, i only mirrored GSB 2.28 and GSB 2.30 for Slackware 13.1 and Slackware64 13.1. GSB 2.28 is considered final, but 2.30 is at RC1 status, so it's not yet final, but the developer stated that they will make a final status in short time.

The repo doesn't consists of the sources, so if you need sources, then you might need to add other repositories.

Tutorials about how to download and install GSB can be found on the Download and Install page.

WARNING: Don't install the GSB above on Slackware other than 13.1 or newer since it will not work. Also read the documentations first before trying to upgrade or install GSB as there are some packages needs to be replaced in order for GSB to work

Indonesian Mirrors for Slackware 13.1

As you probably know, Slackware official sites never published ISO images on their site and users or mirror sites will publish their ISOs created from the repository of the -Current tree.

It took some time to propagate the ISOs as most users are rushing to the main mirrors so it would overload them in the process.

Some of the member of Indonesian Slackware Community has access to several local mirrors and we have coordinated the process of mirroring the Slackware 13.1 ISOs for Indonesian users so that they could download the ISOs faster as they are connected to IIX networks (local Indonesian network which should provide faster access to the server).

Here are some of the Indonesian local mirror sites who has finished mirroring Slackware 13.1 ISOs:

Kavalinux (DVD Only)
Duta Wacana Christian University (CD and DVD)
Kambing @ University of Indonesia (CD and DVD)
Gadjah Mada University (CD and DVD)
Mulawarman University (DVD Only)

Please let me know if you hosted a loca…

Slackware 13.1 Released

Great news!!! Slackware 13.1 has been officially released. In the last few days, there has been no activity in -Current tree and they have prepared to put the ISO into replication phase which will be used for pre-orders in Slackware Store.

As usual, you will not find official ISOs in any mirrors now, but eventually there will be an ISO on the mirrors site within few days. For now, get the ISOs from torrents located in the main page of Slackware.


Updating Planet ID-Slackware

Today, i have been busy working on Planet ID-Slackware. I think it has been abandonded for some time, as i checked the emails and i found a lot of unprocesses request to enter the planet entries. I have processed them and now, some of them has been processed and entered the list and some of them will have to fix some issues before they can enter the list.

Some old entries were removed due to unavailable any longer.

If you want your blog to be listed on the Planet, you can submit them to info @ You must make sure that your blog is Slackware or Linux related blog. If it's a general blog, please submit the link to the post where it's related to Slackware (usually in forms of Tag/Label/Category).

One more thing. I will also need an RSS feed URL which only displays the Slackware-related entries. Wordpress can be configured to do so, so it's not a big deal.

You can also show your face in the Planet. It's called Hackergotchi. There are a lot of tutorials on the …

SlackBuilds Closed for Submission

SlackBuilds project are now closed for submission as they are preparing for Slackware 13.1 release. They will add 13.1 entries when it's released and right now, they are working to check whether the current packages are buildable in 13.1 or not. If they are buildable, it will be copied to 13.1 and if not, they will ask the maintainer to fix the scripts or remove them for 13.1 and then it can be submitted again when it has been fixed or patched to work with 13.1

Usually, during this time, Slackware release time is drawing very near even though it's very unpredictable and only Pat himself knows about when to ship the next Slackware.

Slackware 13.1 RC2: Pidgin 2.7.0 Arrived

With today's update, the Slackware 13.1 development status has reached RC2 and in few days, i believe the final 13.1 will be released as Pat himself has given a sign "Expect a stable release when it's ready."

The changes in -Current is about Pidgin. The final 2.7.0 has been included and the pidgin-encryption has been upgraded to 3.1 (at last. It has been used without any update since 12.2 i believe). system-config-printers also being upgraded and btrfs-progs is also upgraded in /testing. Please note that btrfs is not yet included as the supported filesystems in 13.1 yet, as it's still considered experimental. Perhaps the next Slackware release after 13.1 will include this file system when it's being marked as stable in the kernel mainline.

Mercurial Upgrade

There's only one package being upgraded today, which is mercurial. This small changes follows the previous updates, which only updates small amount of updates, since it's RC. We don't want big changes which would take more testing time and sacrificing stability and security of the whole system.

Also, in previous update, kdegraphics has been patched in order for gwenview to be able to save the image after being rotated. I have had this bug for some time and it has been fixed now

New Epic 5

Epic 4 has been marked as obsolete and no longer will be supported in the next Slackware 13.1. It has been replaced by Epic 5 with the latest batch of updates. This update also fix other package which has been rebuilt in order to work with the latest glibc. Tetex packages are also being rebuilt with the new glibc.

Things are getting more stable on each updates

Another CUPS Rebuilt

CUPS has been rebuilt again to restore the ability to use usblp with the USB backend (in addition to the libusb method). This should fix my problem after i upgraded to the previous built which makes my printer (which uses usblp module) not working any more, so i have to remove the module from blacklist and re-detect again in CUPS' web panel.

Another Minor Updates

Another minor updates to -Current tree today. This time, there are two new firmware being added to the tree for realtek's chipsets. mdadm has been upgraded, but not to the latest version, as it will require some major changes in the system and that would be for the next -Current cycle after 13.1 being released very soon.

Other packages gets rebuilt only to make sure it's sync with the images.

Security Update: Fetchmail

One security update came up on -Current and this time, it's fetchmail. Bash and Slackpkg also being upgraded to the latest version. It's a small updates, but it's going better and better for the final release of Slackware 13.1

Slackware 13.1 RC1

Only one beta is needed to change the status of Slackware 13.1 into Release Candidate 1. As usual, Slackware traditionally don't have too much RC release, so Pat has called for last testing and bug report session before he released Slackware 13.1 as a final release.

With the status of RC1, the base toolchain (kernels, compilers, glibc) are freezed without further changes unless a critical situation arises. Most of the packages are getting upgraded to the latest stable version and the root's email has been updated to reflect Slackware 13.1 is coming

Well, unless major things happened, i believe Slackware 13.1 will be released by the end of this month or even start of June 2010

This batch of update also include one security update: kdenetwork.

Pidgin 2.7.0 Released

Newer version of Pidgin has been released and since it's not yet available on -Current due to newly released package, i took my time to compile this latest version using Slackware's SlackBuild script. I'm curious to see the new features that they offer on the changelog. I hope it will be a good release.

Information about what changes has been merged on this major upgrade can be seen on the Changelog.

Update (05:45 AM): The /buzz command is now included as an Attention button

JDK Updates

Java packages are being upgraded to the latest version as for the latest -Current batch of updates. inotify-tools and emacs gets upgraded as well, and Krita is being rebuilt for the new library detection.

This small changes are a good sign that it has becoming less and less packages gets upgraded to give some time for the developers to stabilize the current version in order to get the final version.

PCRE Big Change

After one big changes yesterday, today's changes are considered minor as it only involves 4 packages. One package is being rebuilt while the rest are being upgraded. The biggest change is that PCRE is now using 8.xx series instead of using the old 7.xx. Libpng and polkit-gnome are the two minor upgrades, so nothing fantastic on this batch of updates, but this should make the current even more current for the next Slackware release

KDE 4.4.3 Will be Official in 13.1

Today, Pat released what he called to be Slackware 13.1 Beta 1 with a shocking release : KDE 4.4.3 is now being included in 13.1 development tree. Yes, i know you might be wondering why on earth does he make such big changes in -Current, but Eric has been compiling KDE 4.4.x series on his internal repositories and most people find it working even without the use of PAM which Pat tried to avoid.

So, after battling for some time, i guess Pat finally decided to include KDE 4.4.3 to -Current and makes this update as a milestone as Beta 1. It's a long road to final release of Slackware 13.1, but i'm guessing it will be released in July (IMHO). By that time, it will be the best ever Slackware release that utilize KDE 4.4.x series on it's way.

One Amarok package is also added in /testing. It's 2.3.1 Beta 1. Since it's still in Beta, it's still reside in /testing, but since it has many interesting new features, i believe Pat can't resist of taking it into considerati…

KDE 4.4.3 From Eric

Eric has compiled KDE 4.4.3 (official announcement will be released shortly) for Slackware-Current for those who wanted to try out KDE 4.4.x series which won't make it into Slackware 13.1 due to unsatisfied requirements (it will likely be included on the Slackware next's next released though).

Remember, this KDE packages are intended for Slackware-Current only. Do not use Slackware 13.0 to install them.

Powertop included in -Current

Today's update on -Current brings interesting changes in -Current. XOrg-server packages has been upgraded to 1.7.7, cryptsetup problem has been fixed, and powertop is now included in -Current. Powertop is Linux tool that helps you find those programs that are misbehaving while your computer is idle.

More Intel Wireless Firmware

Slackware-Current is now at high pace of development. In one day, i have seen three updates to the -Current tree. The latest update brings more Intel Wireless firmwares so that it will work out of the box.

Many packages has been upgraded as well, such as nmap, fetchmail, mercurial and many more. There's one package being added, which is partitionmanager. This should make partition management become easier in Slackware-Current

Bluez-4 Arrived in -Current

Good news everyone. Bluez-4 is now included in -Current, replacing Bluez-3 after one year of testing by Robby. He has posted this issue on LQ and the result is that Bluez 4 is now being an official package for Slackware-Current

Even better, you now have a GUI application to manage your Bluetooth devices, since Pat has included blueman, sitting on xap/.

New Poll

Slackware is able to encrypt your data in your filesystem using cryptsetup. I'm conducting a poll to find out how many people have been using this feature on their system.

Please use your votes and tell your story

Poll Results

One month has passed and now it's time to publish the results. There were 47 voters this time and the results can be seen below:
YES, and i'm still stuck with it 9 (19%)
YES, but i have solved it now 18 (38%)
NO, it worked like charm out of the box 8 (17%)
NO, because i don't use NVidia card 12 (25%)

Looks like the Nouveau problem are no longer a threat for most of Linux users, specially Slackware even though it's still not as stable as nv or NVidia binary driver. Only 9 people who had problems with Nouveau, while the rest is no longer having problem with it.

I hope this problem will be solved during the next Slackware version get released

Kernel Upgrade

Default stock kernel for the next Slackware release has been upgraded to This updates comes in the latest -Current updates. Not much updates you will find this time. Only the kernels, howtos, and one package in x/ which is recompiled with new parameters.

Oh, loadlin is now removed

More Updates

More updates are coming up this weekend as many packages are being upgraded or recompiled to fix some problems. This time, it has more variety, from a/, ap/, d/, l/, n/, and also x/.

One good thing is that usb_modeswitch is now included by default in Slackware. This is very usefull if you use many USB Modem which requires to switch modes in order to use them.