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Fixes for Segfaults has Arrived

As expected, this morning, Pat released update to libxml2 which should fix some problems related to segfaults caused by an ABI break by zlib-1.2.5. Also, he commited glew which has been rebuilt and also some other packages, such as wpa_supplicant and also VIm 7.3, which is a major upgrade.

Fixing Segfaults After Upgrading to -Current

If you happened to upgrade to -Current (August 27) and having so many segfaults on many applications both in 32/64bit systems, then you are not alone. Many (including me) have experienced this as well. On my case, it was VMWare Workstation 7.1.1 who got segfaulted after upgrading to -Current.

The culprit is the new zlib-1.2.5. This version requires newer libxml2-2.7.7, but this package hasn't arrived in -Current yet. Robby Workman posted a link in this thread and i found it working. After compiling libxml2-2.7.7 from source using Slackware's SlackBuild script, i don't get any segfaults anymore in VMWare.

So, for those who wanted to upgrade to -Current, you have two options:
Upgrade libxml2 as well to libxml2-2.7.7 orSkip zlib-1.2.5 package for now and stick with 1.2.3Update (29 August): Fixes for this problem has been resolved in the latest -Current update, so you only need to upgrade to libxml2-2.7.7 provided in the update and you will have no more segfaults.

Slackware-Current is Rolling

After almost a month without any updates on -Current, finally new packages has started to arrive in -Current. Most packages are basic packages, such as libraries and also security updates for XOrg, GnuPG, PHP, Pidgin, and Apache (httpd).

It seems that Pat hasn't considered moving to PHP 5.3.x series. He still used PHP 5.2.x for now. Probably the changes are too big and too risky, but i guess someday, it should start moving to PHP 5.3.x.

-Stable has received some updates as well, such as Pidgin, GnuPG, and Apache.

Updated Google-Talk Plugins SlackBuild

After receiving suggestions and fixes from two LQ members on my thread, i have updated my SlackBuild script for Google-Talk Plugins. The fixes are to fix directory naming problem, mostly found on 64bit sytems and also to remove unneeded directory found both on Slackware 32 and 64 bit systems.

You can find the updated SlackBuild here (RapidShare).

Enjoy the plugins

Video/Voice Chat Works in Slackware

Finally, after conducting several experiments with Google Talk Plugins, finally i'm able to have a Video/Voice Chat in Linux. Here's how to do it:
Download the SlackBuild script from RapidShare (not yet submitted to SlackBuilds)Extract them
Download the Plugin for x86 or x86_64 and put them into the google-talkplugin directoryModify the SlackBuild to match the architecture and execute it using root accountInstall the package which should be in /tmp/ using installpkgPlug your webcam or make sure your internal webcam has been detected
Restart your browserLogin to GMailTurn on the Chat featureCall your friends who have enabled the Voice/Video Chat features and you're doneIf you visit the Google Voice and Chat, they will keep asking you to install the plugin. Don't worry about that. I tested using Ubuntu and they still do the same thing, which means that they don't have any online detection for browsers who have installed the plugins.

Here are some screenshot of my previou…

Need Testing for Google Talk Plugins

Google has released Google Talk Plugin that enables Linux users to have Voice and Video chat in GMail. This is big steps for Google and also for Linux users. Unfortunately, the plugin is only for Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for now (.deb file) and RPM format will follow soon, but no source is provided yet.

So, i took my spare time last night to try to make a SlackBuild script using Eric Hanson's SlackBuild script on Google Chrome which has the same format for Google-Talkplugins. It's not yet submitted to SlackBuilds project as i need more testing and make sure it works before i submit it to SlackBuilds.

If you want to help testing it, please visit my thread on LQ Forum. I have tested the plugin only in 32 bit systems since i don't have 64 bit systems, so i will need your help for this (in multilib or pure 64 systems).

Google Earth

Today i have installed Google Earth on my Slackware system and everything worked normally. I don't have any problem at all when installing and also at runtime. Looks like it has fixed the OpenGL library from the previous version

Small Updates on FileZilla

FileZilla has been released. It fixed a small problems with previous version. My updated SlackBuild script is ready to be released by the admins of SlackBuilds project (probably in one or two days), so please be patient with it.

Also, for now, you are encouraged to use the builtin tinyxml package since tinyxml provided in SlackBuild has a bug which has a patch already (by FileZilla maintainer), but still not patched yet. You have two options:
- Use builtin tinyxml package which has been patched in FileZilla
- Use patched version of tinyxml (this requires you to edit the SlackBuild script yourself and recompile the tinyxml package building)

Update (19 August 2010): Robby has released this update in SlackBuilds and also updated the README file which is easier to understand. Thanks for that

Updates for FileZilla SlackBuild

FileZilla has released another new version, 3.3.4. This is a minor update, but unfortunately, it adds one new optional dependency: tinyxml, a XML parser. In case you don't have this package, you can use builtin package by adding --with-tinyxml=builtin parameter in the configure script.

My updated SlackBuild script for FileZilla has been approved and you can get it to update your FileZilla installation to 3.3.4. You can also get tinyxml in SlackBuilds.


Temporary KDE SC 4.5.0 Repository

Since Eric will be out of Internet connection, he couldn't move his KDE packages into his KTown repository, which means users will have to download them manually from his kdesc directory which doesn't have any rsync service yet.

Since i have downloaded all of the packages on my Repo Server, i'm willing to provide you with the temporary KDE SC 4.5.0 Repository until Eric moved to his KTown repository. For those who wanted to download it, please visit my repository: (HTTP)
rsync:// (RSYNC)

NOTES: This repository will be deleted after KTown has been updated with the 4.5.0 packages.

Updates (22 August 2010): Eric has moved the packages in his original KTown repository, so this repository has been deleted and users are suggested to move back to KTown repository as usual.

Running on KDE SC 4.5.0

Thanks to Eric Hameleer (aka AlienBOB) who have compiled KDE SC 4.5.0 packages and put them in his directory (even though it's not his usual KTown repository since he is out of Internet at the time the packages are published). The usual KTown will be updated as soon as he got his Internet connection back and that means people who wanted to test KDE SC 4.5.0 will have to download from this directory instead. It doesn't have rsync configuration yet, so your best option is to download manually or use recursive download on wget using -r parameter.

Last night, i downloaded all of them using download managers and this morning, i upgraded to the latest KDE SC 4.5.0. If you have been using 4.4.5 from -Current, you will find the transisition process is very smooth. You don't have to delete your .kde/ directory on your home directory. It might be a little problematic if you use KDE 4.5.0 RC from previous release as you might need to delete your .kde/. This is posted at Eric's ann…

KDE SC 4.5 Released

KDE SC 4.5 has been finally officially released by KDE team. Even though they slipped one week from the original schedule, i believe they did it for good and it worthed to wait since this is considered a major upgrade from 4.4.x series.

KDE has several highlights on this release and each one of them has their own announcement:
Development PlatformUser ExperienceApplicationCan't wait until Eric uploaded his work on KDE SC 4.5

VMWare Workstation 7.1 and Linux Kernel 2.6.35

Ever since i used Linux Kernel 2.6.35, everytime i started up my VMWare Workstation, i had to recompile the modules since the kernel has been upgraded. It seems that one of the component of VMWare is not compatible anymore with 2.6.35, so it end up with a warning instead of a success.

I Googled and found this article to be working on my system. So, if you happened to use VMWare Workstation 7.1.0 build-261024 (the latest version up to the time i write this post), you can use the patch provided to make it work with 2.6.35.

Kudos to the patcher

Here's the steps:
cd /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source
cp -a vsock.tar vsock-orig.tar
tar xf vsock.tar
cd vsock-only/linux
patch -p0 < /path/to/vsock.patch
cd ../..
tar cf vsock.tar vsock-only
rm -rf vsock-only
vmware-modconfig --console --install-all (or re-run VMWare from GUI)

New Poll

New poll has been posted at SlackBlogs. This time, i wanted to know whether Slackware users are satisfied with KDE 4.4.x performance. KDE 4 has been out for some time and they have reached 4.4.x series which uses a monthly updates to fix many problems and add features that used to be available on KDE 3.5.x series.

Nevertheless, some people still think that KDE 3.5 is better than KDE 4, so that's the reason i wanted to know if your answer still the same after KDE has released their 4.4.x series.

Give your votes everybody

Poll Results

My apologies as i forgot to announce the poll results. It turned out that i have missed almost a week. Sorry for that. Anyways, here are the results:

Yes, i did a clean install 82 (46%)
Yes, i did a full upgrade from previous version 18 (10%)
Yes, i have been following -Current 42 (23%)
No, i haven't, but i'm considering to try 13.1 16 (9%)
No, i'm not planning to use 13.1 3 (1%)
No, i'm sticking with the version i have 15 (8%)

definitely, we have winner here with almost half of the voters (176 voters in total) pick the first option to do clean installation when Slackware 13.1 gets released. The second option is by following -Current (which i did too). People who picked this option usually have a motivation to help the development of Slackware by helping the latest development tree on Slackware. The rest are almost equally, except that only 1% who decided not to use 13.1 yet (probably because of the big changes in KDE).

Upgraded to 2.6.35

Today, i wanted to test the latest Linux Kernel, 2.6.35 on my desktop. I compiled it this evening and it only took me about an hour to finish the compilation. In overall, i didn't see many changes in the latest kernel, probably due to Linus policy which is getting stricter about the time schedule on the merge window and his one week RC policy. IMHO, it's a good policy as things getting more predicted and less regression to fix during stabilization period (usually starting at RC2 onwards).

Since i still have some pending download, i couldn't test the new Kernel until now. I have just rebooted, re-install NVIdia driver (i used the latest 256.44, upgraded from 256.35), and voila... everything worked just perfect. I have to recompile some modules for my VMWare, but it's still compatible with Linux Kernel 2.6.35, so no major problems.

Tonight, i also solved my problem with Skype. In the past, i'm able to do a voice call using Skype, but lately, i'm not able to do so a…

GIMP Animation Plugin

Today, my GIMP-GAP (Gimp Animation Plugin) package submission is finally approved since i submitted it last week. It took longer than i expected, but finally the admin approved it. It's good to have it approved. Here's a description about it:
GIMP-GAP, the GIMP Animation Package, is a collection of plug-ins to extend GIMP 2.6 and above with capabilities to edit and create animations as sequences of single frames.By default, this package will be installed as a plugin and if you have installed it, you will find a new menu on your GIMP application, called Video, which can be used to edit and create animations with GIMP. In order to get full feature of this application, you must have several other packages (which are already available on SlackBuilds).

Please have a visit to the GIMP-GAP package at SlackBuilds.

Akonadi Lifted Up

Another library gets upgraded today in -Current. This time, it's Akonadi. By the time KDE SC 4.5 is officially released, all of the libraries in -Current should be ready to compile KDE SC 4.5

I'm wondering, how come they haven't released the Apache update (2.2.16), even though it's marked as security update