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Security Update: PHP

PHP has just released two updates in the last few days and the last update was a quick update due to two serious regressions that was found after PHP 5.3.7 has been released to the public, which is fixed in the later 5.3.8.

Slackware responded this update by upgrading all PHP packages to the PHP-5.3.8 and this update travels back to Slackware-11.0. The reason for this is because PHP-5.2.x branch is no longer being supported by the upstream and nor the Slackware team is able to maintain it as well, so they decided to move forward by supporting the latest PHP package available from the source.

Another interesting news in -Current is the new package called soma, a command-line based radio player which is now an official Slackware package and also Firefox 7 Beta 1 gets included as well in testing/. By the time next Slackware is released, this version will eventually become stable, so it would be great to have this version available on testing/ for now.

Java has been updated to Update 27 a…

Firefox 6 on -Current

Even though the final and official announcement will be made around Tuesday (Wednesday in Indonesian time), the source of Mozilla Firefox 6 is already being put on the FTP and the news has spread to many people, including Patrick himself, thus he builds the Firefox 6 for Slackware users and put them on -Current branch. It's not a common release by Pat to release a package before the main official announcement, but i think it's a worthed and safe upgrade for most users.

wget package is also being upgraded to the latest version. It's a new update after around two years without any update from the wget developers. The last release was made on September 22, 2009

Security Update: BIND

ICS has released a new advisory regarding BIND package, thus a new Slackware Security Advisory (SSA:2011-224-01) is also released to fix this problem. This update will be available for Slackware-Current and way back up to Slackware 8.1, since some people still uses this version on their server machine.

Binutil package is also upgraded on this small batch of update and it's a preliminary step before more updated packages coming up in the next following days/weeks.

And the last one is the missing htop package on 32 bit systems is now being re-added again on the public repository.

New Start

Slackware-Current has been stalling for some time, but a new start is now progressing as of today. The default boot loader used in Slackware, lilo is now upgraded as well as sqlite. It is now compiled using two additional parameters as described in the Changelog.

Htop package is now being included in the default package in -Current after being suggested by Michal Dorocinski. It's a nice and simple application to watch process-related on your system without having to use any GUI apps since it's ncurses-based. Emacs is also upgraded to the latest version.

Several Mozilla products (Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey) are now being upgraded, but since it's still in Beta version, it's still placed under /testing. Please be careful if you decided to play with it, even though i'm pretty sure it's a safe upgrade for most people (except for some people who used an old extensions).

It's a slow start, but i believe more packages will come in the next few days (or weeks)

Linux Kernel 3.0.1 and VMWare Patch

Last night, i attempted to build my first Linux Kernel 3.0.1 on my desktop at home. This is my third attempt on Linux Kernel 3.0 build after the previous two attempts on my workstation ended with a kernel panic message even though i follows the standard procedure i used to do in the past. Probably a misconfiguration problem. This time, i tried a different method. I build the kernel as much the same with the one i used in Linux Kernel 2.6.39, so i minimized the changes. In most questions answered, i pick N(o) as the answer, except for the RTC (Real Time Clock) which happened to be needed for Linux Kernel 3.0.x to build.

Since i have work to do last night, i didn't have time to reboot the computer, so i went to bed afterwards. This morning, i woke up and tried to reboot the machine and it boots back normally when i picked Linux-3.0.1. I was so happy and after logged in, i reinstalled my VirtualBox (stayed with 4.0.12 since having issues with 4.1 for now) and NVidia drivers (upgraded…

LibreOffice 3.4.2 Package for Slackware

In the last few days, i have been mentioning Eric's work on Slackware and that doesn't stop yet, as i'm about to inform you guys about his latest work on updated LibreOffice packages for Slackware 13.37 and -Current.

As you recall, LibreOffice 3.4.2 has been released by The Document Foundation and it's now targetting for Enterprise users as this version is now on Rock-Solid phase. Even though it's just another monthly update from TDF, it has fixed some problems that were considered a showstopper for this product to be considered rock-solid release. With two months since the initial release of 3.4.0 branch, it's now considered safe for all users to use this version.

Eric has silently pushed his work onto his repository, but i noticed it so i start mirroring it few hours ago, but i waited for the official announcement before i started to post this on my blog. Since Eric has announced it, i will just go with this post as well.

You can now grab the LibreOffice 3.4.2 …

Facebook Export on Digikam 2.0

One of the feature i like from digiKam is it's ability to export to Facebook directly thanks to Kipi-Plugins. I don't have to upload them one by one, but i can do bulk upload and leave them uploading while i'm sleeping.

On digiKam 2.0.0 release, Kipi-Plugins are now being included in the digiKam 2.0.0 source, so there's no need to compile two packages anymore. Today, i checked my digiKam 2.0.0 and see if there's new plugins, but i realized that Export to Facebook menu is no longer exist. Then i checked digiKam README but found no information about it. Next, i checked Kipi-Plugins README and i found out that i need qjson as the requirement to Export to Facebook.

In the end, i have to recompile digiKam after installing qjson (thanks to SlackBuilds) in order to recognize the library and thus it enables Export to Facebook plugin again

So if you decided to upgrade to digiKam 2.0.0 and above, please have a look on both README (mostly the Kipi-Plugin README) to make sure yo…

KDE 4.7.0 for Slackware-Current

I said in my previous post that there's some hope for KDE 4.7.0 for Slackware users and guess what? In less than 24 hours, the new shinny KDE 4.7.0 packages has arrived from Eric's KTown repository.

Please note that this packages are built against Slackware-Current, so an upgrade to -Current is recommended if you don't want to have problems with some language binding (mostly with PERL).

There's also some changes in the way you install these packages, so please READ the README carefully before you attempt to upgrade/install your new KDE 4.7.0. Those README were created to ease your migration, so please don't waste Eric's efforts.

Eric also mentioned some note about problems that you might encounter if you use Slackware 13.37. KWin requires Mesa 7.10.2 as their minimum requirements and Slackware 13.37 does provide that package, but it's available on testing/, so if you want to try KDE 4.7.0 in Slackware 13.37, you MUST upgrade to mesa-7.10.2.

You can get the pack…

There's Hope for KDE 4.7.0 in Slackware

Few months ago there was a doubt that Slackware will abandon KDE just as it abandoned GNOME few years ago due to maintenance burden. Eric, who maintained KDE SlackBuild posted a question about KDE's release policy to split the big packages into modular releases that creates more burden to the packagers (including him) and decided not to create any KDE SlackBuild at the moment until the final decision is out.

KDE 4.7.0 is out for few weeks and still no sign of KDE 4.7.0 will make it into Slackware-Current until today as Eric has posted a great news for KDE fans that he is working on it and testing his KDE SlackBuild as we speak and he's already running on KDE 4.7.0 on his Slackware64-Current machine. Besides the usual packages, KDE 4.7.0 will have quite a lot of new packages. I was hoping to have DigiKam included on his set of KDE packages even though i have built them myself. It's such a nice and great open source application that you shouldn't miss.

If there are no show…