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Enlightenment 0.18.2 is out

Second minor release of enlightenment has been released, fixing three bugs that has been reported since 0.18.1:
infinite printing of SLEEPcrash when specifying invalid filename for screenshotstheme importing After this minor release, it will be a long time for another release of enlightenment since the developer will work on future major release.

I have pushed enlightenment update to my SlackHacks repository just now, so you can pull it and start your machine to build it. Happy Building :)

Enlightenment 0.18.1 Released

Just two days after Enlightenment 0.18.0 gets released, the first minor update has been released, following some bug reports from users. Enlightenment 0.18.1 is now out and my SlackBuild has been updated for both enlightenment (0.18.1) and connman (1.20).

This version is a lot better than the first release and most errors i found on the first release are no longer appearing on this one.

Here's my simple desktop running latest Enlightenment 0.18.1 on top of EFL 1.8.3. It's simple, clean, and minimalistic, but it contains all i need to work on my daily life :)

Enlightenment 0.18.0 is Released

Yesterday, Enlightenment DR 0.18 (E18) was released along with some updates to EFL and Elementary release. This was a quick release compared to E17 which took them more than 12 years of development from E16. Nevertheless, it was a smooth transition from E17 to E18, but it requires a new EFL libraries which now merged most of the EFL modular elements in E17 into a single library. You also need to remove previous package of efl in order to get the latest one compiled.

Here are some of the highlights of the new E18:
Compositing merged into coreNo longer (as) optionalNo longer (as) buggyWayland client support addedTeamwork module addedFixed at least 10 crashesUser experience while crashing improved; some users have reported over a 200% improvement hereNew modules for improving desktop integration:music-control - Control your music!bluez4 - Control your bluetooth!appmenu - Control your DBus application menus!conf_comp - Control your compositor settings!Improved systemd integrationInternal t…

Security Update: gnupg

One security advisory has been released for Slackware 13.37 and goes forward to -Current and that is gnupg 1.x. The changelog said it clearly about this update:
Fixed the RSA Key Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Acoustic Cryptanalysis attack as described by Genkin, Shamir, and Tromer. For more information, see:

LibreOffice 4.1.4 for Slackware 14.0 and Newer

With just less than 24 hours after KDE 4.12.0 was published, Eric Hameleers did another release of his monthly routine LibreOffice package to bring you the updated LibreOffice 4.1.4 for Slackware 14.0 and newer.

Well, it's not only a monthly update, but Eric also managed to backport some patches from Gentoo that should fix the slowliness when using the File dialog to open or saving a file and crashes in Calc would freeze the whole KDE desktop. He also switched to a private poppler library to fix the broken PDF Import in Slackware 14.1 (and of course -Current) since poppler bump during the development cycle.

Go get them while it's hot from these mirror sites:

KDE 4.12.0 for Slackware

It's December and the good news is that KDE 4.12.0 is now out according to the release schedule that has been planned. I love how KDE stick to their release schedule in the past, current, and hopefully the future releases.
There are no Plasma Workspaces and the KDE Platform major update on this release, but only includes bugfixes and minor optimizations and features. About 20 bugfixes as well as several optimizations have been made to various subsystems, including KNewStuff, KNotify4, file handling and more. Notably, Nepomuk received bugfixes and indexing abilities for MS Office 97 formats. The KDE Developers are focusing on KDE 5, in which they will reveal KDE Framework 5 Technology Preview later this month.
According to the announcement page, KDE 4.12 Applications Bring Huge Step Forward in Personal Information Management and Improvements All Over: The KDE Community is proud to announce the latest major updates to the KDE Applications delivering new features and fixes. This…

Bunch of Security Updates

Patrick has released bunch of security updates for Slackware 13.0 and above up to Slackware-Current. Slackware 13.0, which was released in 2009 is still supported until now and next year, it will reach 5 years of long term support, so users running Slackware 13.0 should get ready to migrate to newer version suppose support for this version will be terminated next year.

Anyway, here are the updates:
libjpeg: Rebuilt to fix use of uninitialized memory (13.0 and above)libiodbc: Upgraded to 3.52.8 (13.1 and above)ruby: Upgraded to 1.9.3_p484 (13.1 and above)llvm: Rebuilt to exclude the build directories from the rpath (14.0 and above)seamonkey: Upgraded to 2.23 (14.0 and above)seamonkey-solibs: Upgraded to 2.23 (14.0 and above)firefox: Upgraded to 24.2.0 ESR (14.1), Upgraded to 26.0 (current) thunderbird: Upgraded to 24.2.0cairo: rebuilt to remove --enable-xcb-shm and --enable-xlib-xcb to improve stability with GTK+3 and fix GIMP slowdown on rotate functions. Also adding --enable-ft and --…

EFL 1.8.2, Elementary 1.8.1, and Evas-Generic-Loaders 1.8.1 Updates

Just hours after i published my previous post about EFL 1.8, the Enlightenment team published another set of updates for some of the EFL components:
EFL upgraded to 1.8.2elementary upgraded to 1.8.1evas-generic-loaders upgraded to 1.8.1 At this moment, i have them pushed to my SlackHacks repository accompanied with a small script which can be used to automatically build all of the packages in the 18 directory in the correct order.

Please note that in order to avoid library conflict, it's recommended to remove any EFL/elementary libraries first before building the new version.

The enlightenment team also pushed out enlightenment 1.8.0-RC1, but i will not push this out yet and prefer to wait for the final release of enlightenment 1.8.0 soon. If you want to test enlightenment 1.8.0-RC1, you can grab the source from here.

EFL 1.8 + Enlightenment 1.7.5 + Terminology 0.4 + Python-EFL 1.8.0

I have just completed building the latest EFL 1.8.1 along with other components, such as Terminology 0.4, Python-EFL 1.8.0, and of course Enlightenment 1.7.5 which are now placed on my SlackHacks repository. They are located on a different directory from the previous e17, so that users who still wanted to use 1.7.x can still use the old one.

For those who want to build EFL 1.8.0 along with all above packages, it's recommended to uninstall all previous EFL libraries to avoid library conflicts.

Let me know when you have problems with these SlackBuilds scripts.

Security Updates: Mozilla-NSS, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey

Pat has issued several security advisories today and they are scattered among different version of Slackware, depending on the packages that are affected by the updates.

Here are the updates:
Seamonkey is updated for Slackware 14.0 up to -CurrentHplip is rebuilt only for Slackware 14.0Thunderbird is updated for Slackware 13.37 up to -CurrentMozilla-nss is updated for Slackware 14.0 up to -CurrentGimp is updated for -Current only to 2.8.10Calligra is updated for -Current only to 2.7.5

KDE 4.11.4 for Slackware Users

Eric Hameleers has just published his KDE 4.11.4 packages for Slackware 14.1 and -Current (which basically is still the same or only minor changes between them as there isn't any major changes happening besides security updates and Firefox upgraded to 25) as part of monthly update to KDE 4.11.x series.

Please note that KDE 4.12 will be released  this month as well and it's not going to be a major release with lots of new features, as the development focus is now on KDE 5.

The KDE packages can be obtained on these mirrors: URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// URI: rsync://

New Poll

OK, i got my question ready for the next poll which will be running for the next two months (again, i'm just too lazy and busy to update the poll monthly, sorry).

The question is about your default text editor in Slackware. It might be an easy question for some people, but for others, this might be a difficult one as they may have more than one, but this poll will only allows you to pick one of them that you consider as your favorite.

I tried to list all text editors available in Slackware and please forgive me if there's one or two are missing in the option list.

Go votes :)

Poll Results

After two months running the poll, it's time to find out the results of the virtualization product of user's choice. The winner with a significant votes is VirtualBox with 150 votes (70%) out of 213 votes. Even some might argue about Oracle's position as the stakeholder of this product, most people does use VirtualBox as their virtualization product (at least in Slackware).

Second place goes to Qemu with only 2 points ahead of closed-source solution from VMWare. Qemu is also maturing and they have just released Qemu 1.7.0 for those interested.

Time to think about my next poll :)

SBo Submission for 14.1 Packages Is Now Open

As always, SBo submission is closed when new Slackware release is getting close and it stayed closed for few weeks or months to give the SBo admins to test all packages to comply with the latest Slackware release.

On Slackware 14.1, there was 3 weeks difference between Slackware 14.1 release and 14.1 repository in SBo is announced. Even after the repository is announced, the submission remains closed for some time, giving more chance to fix minor problems.

Good news is that submission for Slackware 14.1 packages is now open and maintainers can update their packages or submit new SlackBuild script to the project.

Don't forget to check the Template Guidelines before submitting.

SBo Repository for 14.1 is now LIVE!!

After almost two months of testing, building, compiling, patching, and committing, the SBo team has finally pushed the final update for 14.1 repository and since this morning, the master branch has been branched for 14.1 and tagged. That means the base branch for 14.1 is finalized.

Just now, Heinz has just pushed the final step to make the SBo website provide packages for Slackware 14.1. This means that repository for 14.0 will get less or probably never gets updated anymore since the focus will be for 14.1 branch.

Anyway, the submission will not be open (yet) for now. You will have wait for that one and let people enjoy packages for Slackware 14.1 before maintainer can submit their updated package for next update.

This doesn't mean that we ignored bugs in our repository. Suppose you found any bug for any packages for 14.1 repository, let us know via slackbuilds-users mailing list and we will gladly accept it for the next update.

Thank you for all hard work from all admins and con…

Looking for Long Term Package Maintainer

The admins in SBo have finally cleared away all the CHECKLIST entries and most big changes have been applied to master branch which soon will be branched to 14.1 and that will be used as a base for Slackware 14.1 repository. We can't do this alone. It's all due to big contributions from users in slackbuilds-users mailing list. We thank you for that contributions.
There are some minor problem left and that is non working or abandoned packages by their maintainer which is now residing on to-be-removed branch in GIT. Please have a look and if you see something that you might be interested to maintain and able to provide a patch to make it working, please let us know and we might move it from that branch. If the package is abandoned by the maintainer (you can see from the GIT commit message) and you are willing to maintain it (and hopely using it daily) for long term, please let us know as well.
If we don't hear from you soon, then we will merge that changes to master, which bas…

First Update for Slackware 14.1

Pat has just published several updates to Slackware 13.37 and newer to fix several packages:
OpenSSH: sshd(8): Fix a memory corruption problem triggered during rekeying when an AES-GCM cipher is selected.Firefox and Seamonkey: Regular Security UpdatesSamba: This fixed two problems:Samba versions 3.2.0 and above do not check the underlying file or directory ACL when opening an alternate data stream.In setups which provide ldap(s) and/or https services, the private key for SSL/TLS encryption might be world readable.  This typically happens in active directory domain controller setups.This update also add tdb-related file which was missing from Samba SlackBuild that is needed by some packages in SBoPHP: Updated to 5.4.22, the latest stable update to provide bug fixes

Progress on SBo Repo for Slackware 14.1

It's been a while since my last post about SBo repository for Slackware 14.1 and since then, there has been so many reports of working SlackBuild script as well as updated SlackBuild in forms of GIT patches or even a full tarball sent to slackbuilds-user mailing list, which is a good sign for us. That really helped us clearing the CHECKLIST.

Good news is that at the moment, we have squashed like 1000 packages from the CHECKLIST and about fixing 20-30 packages daily. We are keeping this pace on a daily interval and sometimes more on weekend since we have to do our daily work and activities as well. You will see that Robby merge them to master more frequently than ever so that those who helped us can get the latest update as soon as possible and further do more thorough testing on git master.

The bad news is that we do still have like 1530 packages (per 15 November 2013, 1:08 PM, GMT+7) to be checked and for that to be cleared away, we DO need help, especially for the maintainer to …

Fixing VMWare Tool Broken Script

If you are using the latest VMWare Workstation and you happened to install any Slackware releases (I'm using Slackware 14.1) as a guest OS on VMWare Workstation, you will likely encountered one minor issue as shown in the picture below

This happened because one of the VMWare script is broken and this relates to networking features. You will often rejected when you wanted to connect to your guest from your host OS via SSH. It seems that the guest OS SSH keys are changing all the time and you will get a MITM warning message.

The solution is simple. Boot your guest OS, change directory (cd) to /etc/vmware-tools/scripts/vmware/ and rename (or delete) the network file on this directory. Next, delete /var/run/ and restart your guest OS. This will remove the error message above :)

Credit goes to jtsn from LQ for giving this simple solution.

SBo Repo for Slackware 14.1

You may have noticed that Slackware 14.1 have been released few days ago by Patrick Volkerding. It's another great release after roughly 14 months of development with a Beta and 3 RC releases. Many people will actually love this version, mostly when they have a new system that utilize UEFI on it, as Slackware has fully support of this, except for Secure Boot, which will be baked on the next development cycle.

Usually, when Slackware gets a new release, SBo project follows soon by providing repo for the current Slackware release, but unfortunately, that will not be the case for now. The admins and the maintainer are still testing all the remaining scripts so that they are compilable, buildable, and running fine on Slackware 14.1 machines. This is not an easy efforts, as they have to test all scripts, including new dependencies, incompatible versions, broken source, unmaintained upstream source, and many other problems.
Asking on when will the repo ready will definitely not help muc…

Slackware 14.1 Released

After 14 months of development period, Patrick Volkerding has finally released Slackware 14.1 final version to public. The tree has not been updated since few days ago and the last addition was only the config files for newer Linux Kernel 3.12 for those who wanted to play with.

It's a long journey to get 14.1 polished and ready for public consumtion. Many new features has been added, but i guess the biggest one is the support for system running in UEFI firmware (only in x86_64 version only). Patrick has been working for this support for few months back with some help from people who tested the new installer and new packages (elilo, grub 2, efibootmanager). It's not the end of the journey, since it still hasn't support a Secure Boot feature and that will be the plan for the next Slackware release.

Congratulations to Patrick Volkerding on this big and great release. Please consider to support Slackware Linux Project by donating or puchasing items in Slackware Store. This rel…

KDE 4.11.3 for Slackware Users

It has passed a month since the last KDE release, and it's time for a monthly maintenance release to show up, KDE 4.11.3. This update brings more than 120 bug fixes across all modules, mostly in umbrello, KWin, Dolphin, and Kontact.

Eric Hameleers has generously build this version for Slackware Users (-Current only) and upload it on his KTown repository which is mirrored to several sites: URI: rsync:// Please note that Eric has left some note:
The new Plasma Network Management applet which I added to the previous KDE 4.11.2 set, has been seriously reworked by its developers, and the updated version I have as part of the new KDE 4.11.3 needs a bit of manual work if you are currently using that first version. After upgrade, you will notice that the…

LibreOffice 4.1.3 for Slackware Users

LibreOffice has announced the availability of LibreOffice 4.1.3 yesterday, marking the fourth minor release of 4.1 family that is supposed to bring bug fixes and also translations updates to LibreOffice packages. They have released two RC versions (RC 1 and RC 2) before reaching the final version.

As usual, Eric Hameleers provides the Slackware packages for LibreOffice on his repository and announced it on his blog. He has stated this on the title of his blog post, but i will state it again: This package is intended for Slackware 14.0 and -Current (including the future 14.1 release).

Please note as well a change in how dictionary packages are now split into several packages, no longer included in the main libreoffice package. You will need to upgrade them as well. Don't forget to restart your application to take effect.

Get them while it's hot now on some mirrors below (some mirrors might need some time to get the latest version):…

More Upgrade to Come

Even though it's already at the last minute, Pat is still taking some considerations to upgrade some of the packages he deemed quite stable to be included in Slackware 14.1. He also retested the image installer and fix some problems with a flash of screen output when scanning for LVM volumes after completing the package installations.

Here are the recap:
dc3dd is now upgraded to 7.1.614kdevelop is now upgraded to 4.5.2kdevelop-php{-doc} is now upgraded to 1.5.2kdevplatform is now upgraded to 1.5.2lskat is rebuilt to fix a typo in slack-descgnutls is upgraded to 3.1.6 to fix off-by-one in dane_query_tlsa()network-script is rebuilt to fix a typo in netconfig

Post RC 3 Status

Since RC 3 has been announced, there wasn't much addition or changes happening on -Current, which means that the final release is just a matter of days. Here are the changes happening between RC 3 and today:
Calligra upgraded to 2.7.4 along with it's translationselilo is rebuilt to add some error message in eliloconfigmkinitrd is rebuilt to add hid_generic module (in addition to usbhid) is USB keyboard is detectedxscreensaver is rebuilt to pick up GPL Text Mozilla Firefox is upgraded to 24.1.0 (ESR)

Slackware 14.1 RC 3: Last Call

This is your last call for users who wanted to test Slackware 14.1. We are now at RC 3. This hopefully the last RC before the final Slackware 14.1 gets released by November. Here's the recap of changes:
grub is rebuilt to terminate EFI several times to solve buggy UEFI implementationslilo is rebuilt to test for Windows partition better and add commented "compact" in liloconfigsysvinit-scripts is rebuilt to check for devtmpfs and remove obsolete reference to rc.optimal-symlink in rc.Mpm-utils is rebuilt to  set all the hooks in the power.d directory to non-executablepoppler is upgraded to 0.24.3gnutls is upgraded to 3.1.5xine-ui is upgraded to 0.99.7isolinux and usb-and-pxe-installer are rebuilt to not list the USB installer partitions in the FAT/NTFS partition menu

Pending Updates

I have been away and i just got back from Singapore after staying there for 4 days. During these four days, there has been some updates on Slackware-Current and here they are:
usb_modeswitch upgraded to 2.0.1. This allows newer devices to be detected by this versionmesa is upgraded to 9.1.7, providing latest bug fixestransfig and xfig is rebuilt to fix permissionkernel packages is rebuilt to make CONFIG_USB_UHCI_HCD modular in the huge kernelslftp is reverted to 4.4.9 to fix mirror functionpciutil and usbutils are upgraded to the latest versionacct is rebuilt to fix the broken sa outputscim is rebuilt to put Qt module in the proper input method directoryxterm is upgraded to 297

Slackware 14.1 RC 2 Announced

It looks like there are still some bug that creeped into RC 1, so Pat issued another RC state and we are now in RC 2. There has been some changes in the toolchain and also in some applications. Here's the recap:
GCC is upgraded to 4.8.2 Kernel is rebuilt with newer GCCkdelibs is rebuilt to revert 3 upstrem commits which broke KDE in displaying some iconslibtool is rebuilt to detect correct GCC versionQt is rebuilt to make sure that libwebcore doesn't end up in QtWebKit.pcmutt upgraded to 1.5.22Samba rebuilt to add symlink to and libpytalloc-util.soMPlayer is rebuilt to  add a patch to fix subtitles in the case where MPlayer is recompiled on a system that has libassRDesktop is rebuilt to fix crash with -P and/or -NCorrect typos for slackpkg man pages Please report any problems you encountered on LQ so that it won't be part of Slackware 14.1 that we have been waiting for :)

Kernel and Security Update: hplip

Patrick bumped the default kernel stock to the latest 3.10.x branch releases: 3.10.17. This will surely be the final update to the kernel as we are getting closer to the final release. I'm really glad that Patrick decided to take 3.10.x branch as the default kernel stock. It has matured in terms of compatibility with other proprietary drivers; it's also considered as a LTS kernel, so that it will be supported for a couple of years by Greg.

Other update is hplip which is now bumped to 3.13.10 that should fixed Insecure Polkit use (CVE-2013-4325). This update are propagated back to Slackware 12.2.

Cumulative Updates

Since the changes in the previous releases are small, i decided to skip them and wait for more updates before i sum it all. Well, it seems that security fixes are now released as well, so i guess it's time to push a news about it.

Here are the recap:
elilo is now rebuilt to remove old entries and display the new boot entry after installing it and also fixed some path problems.memtest86+ package has been upgraded in the installer image to 5.01more security patches from Mancha. This time, libtiff and yp-tools are upgraded and rebuilt to include those fixesModemManager is rebuilt with a new configure parameter --with-polkit=noNetworkManager is upgraded to is also upgraded to 6.3p1 There is one request left on LQ and that's hplip-3.13.10 (i also requested this directly to Pat), but if it's possible, please add Calligra 2.7.4, which has just been released and also git-

Post RC 1 Updates

There has been some reports after RC 1 came out yesterday and Pat has responded by upgrading and rebuilding some packages in the current tree, including the changes in the kernel configuration options. Here are the recap:
Kernel is rebuilt to properly build VMWare and Hyper-V modules that were not built due to regression when the configuration parameter has changedUpgraded Samba to 4.1.0. This is a big release, but Pat took it after looking at previous releases from the upstream that has pretty good quality.Upgraded mercurial to 2.7.2, the latest version available currently.Upgraded tk and tcl to 8.6.1Upgraded several packages in networking area (gnutls, iproute2, iptraf-ng, iputils, mtr, tftp-hpa)Rebuilt mozilla-nss and Recompiled with NSS_ENABLE_ECC=1.

MSB Git Branches Changes

As Slackware 14.1 getting closer by the announcement of RC 1 status, we (me and Chess) have decided to use our new consistent naming scheme for our GIT branches.

There are 3 branches right now on GIT:
master: serves as testing ground for future releases of MATE. Things might be partially broken when building from this branch as not all MATE packages are compatible with previous releases as development cycle is still on going. Currently, this branch will install a mix of MATE 1.6 and 1.7 packages, and some of the older packages are not yet fully compatible with 1.7, so the build might break.14.0-mate-1.6: serves as replacement for 1.6 branch in the past. This is the currently supported branch for Slackware 14.0. Binary packages for Slackware 14.0 are built from this branch. This will soon be obsolete once Slackware 14.1 gets released.14.1-mate-1.6: serves as replacement for current-mate-1.6 branch in th epast. This will be the next supported branch for Slackware 14.1 when it has been fi…

Slackware 14.1 RC 1

Patrick has announced the availability of Slackware 14.1 RC 1 through Twitter and also through the Current ChangeLog. Soon after this, many Slackware users are retweeting his tweet (including me) and also posting some update on LQ (Astrogeek is the first one posting on LQ, but then onebuck posted another thread from Distrowatch).

As usual, there are now ISO currently, as Slackware only provides ISO for final releases only. Fear not, as you can grab AlienBOB's ISO which is built everytime there's a new changes happening on Current tree. They can be grabbed from here (32 and 64 bit).

So, after 11 days without an update, Pat finally cleared of his top priority TODO list and here are the recap:
Default kernel stock is now bumped to 3.10.16aaa_base is bumped to 14.1. Now your /etc/slackware-version is at 14.1aaa_elflibs is bumped to 14.1 to sync with all libraries shipped with 14.1All UEFI-related tools are being upgraded or rebuilt to include better support for installing in UEFI-b…

Slackware Security Advisories

Patrick has released so many security advisories today along with the announcement of Slackware 14.1 RC 1. I will post a separate post about the RC1 changes, and this post is all about security updates only. There are 5 security advisories released today and they are:
libgpg-errors: Needed to support newer GnuPG2 that is backported to previous Slackware releases. Applicable to Slackware 13.37 and newerGnuPG2: Fixed possible infinite recursion in the compressed packet parser [CVE-2013-4402] and Protect against rogue keyservers sending secret keys. Applicable to Slackware 13.37 and newergnutls: This update prevents a side-channel attack which may allow remote attackers to conduct distinguishing attacks and plaintext recovery attacks using statistical analysis of timing data for crafted packets. Applicable to Slackware 12.1, 12.2, 13.0, 13.1, and 13.37.GnuPG: Fixed possible infinite recursion in the compressed packet   parser. [CVE-2013-4402] and Protect against rogue keyservers sending s…

Server is Back Online

After finding out that the server had a failure on it's drive (it was probably a SATA controller issue), Robby Workman went to the datacenter to restore the server, but it seems that both disk (configured to be RAID) are dead, but some of the data on the second disk can be retrieved, so it took him a while to set up a new OS (definitely Slackware) and bring all of the contents back online.
So far, AlienBOB's blog has been restored and so does several other sites, such as Robby's webpage, sbopkg, SBo's mailing list, and Slackware's mirror site.
Let's take this chance to realize how valuable a backup can be and thanks to mirrors worldwide, most of the contents on that server can be fully restored in no time, especially Slackware repository and ISO's.
Big thanks to Robby Workman and Rob0 for their efforts working on restoring this server

LibreOffice 4.1.2 for Slackware 14.0 and Current

LibreOffice 4.1.2 has been released few days ago and finally Eric Hameleers has finished updating his SlackBuild script to work with the new 4.1.x family and uploaded his LibreOffice packages to his miror sites (, while the main server ( is currently down since the hosting machine (harriers) had a SATA controller failure (see his Tweet).

It's been some time since LibreOffice 4.0.5 as his last updated packages for Slackware and this release (4.1.2) is provided for Slackware 14.0 and Current (aka 14.1). For Slackware 13.37, you should continue to use the older version or upgrade to Slackware 14.0 or Current to enjoy the latest LibreOffice package.

LibreOffice 4.1.2 brings so many new features compared to 4.0.5, but only bug fixes compared to 4.1.0 and 4.1.1. List of changes since 4.1.1 can be seen on the RC1, RC2, and RC3 ChangeLog, while new features on LibreOffice 4.1 can be seen on the official announcement and features page.

For now, LibreO…

More Bug Fixes

Patrick has heard many reports and requests that are posted on LQ and he fixed some of them on the latest batch of updates. Here are some recap:
getty-ps is patched with a corrected patch from Mancha (LQ)etc is rebuilt to add /lib{64} and /usr/lib{64} on /etc/ (LQ)vim and gvim are upgraded to 7.4.050sed is upgraded to 4.2.2pkgtool is upgraded to 14.1rsh is upgraded to 5.9.0 (LQ)mozilla-nss is upgraded to 3.15.2 (LQ)

KDE 4.11.2 for Slackware-Current (14.1)

It's a new month and KDE developers has finished polishing KDE 4.11.2 and released it yesterday after they pushed the sources to the packagers a week before. It's now available on their mirror sites and also to several distributions, including Slackware, which is packaged by Eric Hameleers.

This KDE version is a bug fix version, so no new features are added, just bug fixes and translations updates. You can see all the list of bug fixed on this releases by going through their Bug Tracker. It contains more than 70 bugfixes, including improvements to the Window Manager KWin, the file manager Dolphin, the personal information management suite Kontact, and others.

KDE 4.11.2 will be offered to Slackware-Current (14.1) users only, not available for previous Slackware release (14.0), so it's recommended to upgrade to -current if you haven't done so since the release of Slackware 14.1 is also getting closer.

Eric is also adding three new packages in order to test the new netw…

Default Stock Kernel Upgraded to 3.10.14

Pat upgraded the default stock kernel in the future Slackware 14.1 release to the latest -stable kernel released by Greg today, 3.10.14. This update brings many improvements to radeon, HID, and many other aspects of the Linux kernel.

Other interesting thing is the inclusion of rsync-3.1.0 into -Current. I saw the changelog and it was huge changes, but nevertheless, Pat took it and include it on this batch of update. ca-certificates is also upgraded to the latest version from Debian's repository, bringing the latest digital certificates to Slackware 14.1. mc is now upgraded to 4.8.10 and gmp is upgraded to 5.1.3.

Security Update: seamonkey

One security update has been released for Slackware and that's Seamonkey package. It's coming late as Firefox and Thunderbird updates has been released some time ago.

On Slackware-Current, there has been some minor updates:
lm-sensors is upgraded to 3.3.4, avoiding hardware breakage as reported on their official website. This update is backported back to Slackware-12.2.m4 is upgraded to 1.4.17sendmail and sendmail-cf are upgraded to 8.14.7traceroute is upgraded to 2.0.18udev is rebuilt to fix compilation

More Packages on MATE 1.6 for Slackware 14.1

I have been working on MATE 1.6 for Slackware 14.1 in the last four days to make it even more complete desktop environment by adding packages that are not yet included in MATE 1.6 for Slackware 14.0. The reason for that was because MATE 1.6 for Slackware 14.0 has entered a maintenance phase, meaning no added packages are added and only receive bug fixes and maintenance updates only.

Things were quite different with the same package but aiming for Slackware 14.1. We still have some time frame to add more packages to provide users more options and basic applications to work with MATE desktop. So, as a result, here are some changes that are added into MATE 1.6 for the upcoming Slackware 14.1:
Mate-media is now buildable, but it will not allow you to add volume control applet from their desktop. This is caused by newer glib in Slackware 14.1 which deprecates the gst_mixerdconf and xdg-utils patch are now removed as they are included in Slackware 14.1, but running two commands to associate …

MATE 1.6 For Slackware-Current (14.1)

As Slackware 14.1 is getting closer to gets released by Patrick, i'm also preparing a binary packages for the upcoming Slackware 14.1. We (me and Chess) have been discussing about our roadmap for MATE and since MATE 1.8 will not be available before Slackware 14.1 gets released, we will provide MATE 1.6 for Slackware 14.1 for now.

We have arranged a new git branch called current-mate-1.6 in our GIT repo that will serve as the base for building binary packages for Slackware-Current until Slackware 14.1 gets finalized. When it's released, we will rename the git branch into 14.1-mate-1.6 and this will be the new stable branch that are officially supported by us.

What will happen with the "1.6" git branch? We will rename it into 14.0-mate-1.6 (to be consistent) and we will leave it as it is. You are free to checkout this branch and use it to update your MATE packages if you are still running Slackware 14.0, but no binary packages will be provided once Slackware 14.1 gets …

Small Changes

There aren't so many interesting updates on Monday's update. Links is upgraded to 2.8, which was released just yesterday, dejavu-fonts-ttf is also upgraded to 2.34 (Request from LQ).

The rest of the packages are just rebuilt. Samba is rebuilt to add talloc.h, pytalloc-util.pc, and talloc.pc files, while sysvinit-scripts is also rebuilt to fix entropy carry in rc.S and rc.6, since /proc/sys/kernel/random/poolsize.

X Packages Upgraded

Lots of packages in x/ directory gets upgraded, including xorg-server-1.14.3. This will ensure that Slackware 14.1 will have the latest version available during it's release and it should be stable enough until the next release and hopefully support as many hardware as possible.

Testing efibootmgr

Patrick has moved efibootmgr-0.6.0 to testing since it was reported that it failed to write new variables to UEFI, but the old version worked, so he downgraded to previous version which worked. As he can't test this tool currently, please help with testing this tool if you are running UEFI-based system on a clean installation of Slackware-Current.

Several packages gets upgraded on this batch of updates:
lrzip to 0.616cdrtools to 3.01a17transfig to 3.2.5exfig to 3.2.5cimagemagick to 6.8.6_10windowmaker to 0.95.5

Slackware 14.1 Beta

Patrick Volkerding has labeled BETA per 18 September 2013. This sets a new milestone for Slackware 14.1 development progress. Even though it's labeled as BETA, i found it very stable and found no problem at all during normal activities. I used Slackware-Current on all of my desktops and laptop and also 2 virtual machines.

The latest update bring Linux Kernel 3.10.12 as the default kernel stock, upgraded to Firefox 24 ESR, Thunderbird 24, gnome-theme-standard-3.8.4, and system-config-printers-1.3.13.

This update also brings in several security fixes in GLIBC besides Firefox and Thunderbird. The patches are backported to earlier Slackware releases back to Slackware 13.0.

One surprise is the inclusion of GRUB 2.00 into Slackware's main tree. In the past, LILO has been the default Linux Loader for Slackware and for Slackware 14.1, users will have more options for it. You can now pick LILO or GRUB 2.

Slackpkg has been patched to fix problems when searching overlapped package names …

More Fine Tune

Several packages has been upgraded on the latest batch of updates and some of those are requested by some members in LQ. Here are the recap:
New packages added: efibootmgr and help2mandosfstools, kernel-firmware, brltty, and emacspeak are upgradedinfozip is rebuilt to add BZIP2 support and fixed UID/GIDtaglib is rebuilt to silence messages intended for developersxf86-video-fbdev is also rebuilt I was late on posting this news since i was out of town for few days (even though i read them on my cellphone's browser) and i just got back today.

MSB Repository New Directory Layout

After discussing with Chess, observing some other repository, hacking the gen repo script, executing the changes, testing the new layout, and confirming that it works, we finally finished restructuring our MSB directory structure that conforms with slackpkg+. Here are our new directory structure:

msb/ --14.0/ ----1.6/ ------x86/ --------base/ --------extra/ ------x86_64/ --------base/ --------extra/
It doesn't really changed much from our previous structure, but what's changed is our thought for future releases. Our policy is that we only maintain MSB for the latest -Stable release. With our previous directory layout, we will not be able to provide different MATE version within one -Stable release (e.g MATE 1.8 for Slackware 14.0), since it will overwrite all current packages with newer version of MATE.

With our new directory structure, it should be easy to do that as we will just build our MATE 1.8 packages and place it under any Slackware version supported (e.g 14.0 or 14.1)…

xcb-util Upgrade Requires Some MSB Packages to be Rebuilt

If you are using MSB from GIT and also running on top of Slackware-Current, you might experience some problems after running the latest batch of update from Slackware-Current per September 9. This happened due to xcb-util was upgraded and they have bumped the shared library version. This will break several packages on MSB since they are built against that library.

The good news is that you only need to recompile some of the broken packages and you are all good. Here are the packages needed to be rebuilt :
base/mate-file-manager base/mate-control-centerextra/mate-image-viewer

Security Update: subversion

Patrick has issued one security advisory (SSA:2013-251-01) related to subversion which applicable to Slackware 14.0 and -Current. In both trees, subversion is upgraded to 1.7.13. The latest version of subversion is 1.8.3, but i guess Patrick is playing safe at this point by not upgrading to newer version to minimize of breaking other applications.

Lots of packages are upgraded in -Current tree and there are two new packages being added. Here are the summary:
Added two new packages: os-prober and xcb-util-cursorUpgraded Linux Kernel to 3.10.11Upgraded hdparm to 9.43 (Request in LQ)Rebuilt lilo to use os-prober to detect unbootable Windows partitionUpgraded man-pages to 3.53Upgraded development tools (gdb-7.6.1, git-1.8.4, perl-5.18.1)Rebuilt glibc to remove pt_chown to fix CVE-2013-2207Upgraded gnome-icon-theme to 3.8.3Rebuilt libwnck, startup-notifications, blueman, and bluezMoved xorg-server-1.14.2 into main tree and rebuilt all related driverRebuilt lots of xfce-related packages  I t…

Call for Tester: MSB with Slackpkg+

Slackpkg is one of the best tool available for Slackware users to manage their own system in terms of package management. Unfortunately, this tool only works well with official Slackware repository and it doesn't work with other (third party) repositories, such as AlienBOB's repository, MSB repository, Kikinovak's repository, and many others.

Matteo Rossini (aka zerouno) created a new tool called slackpkg+ which add support for the original slackpkg tool to work with multiple repositories, so you can use the same slackpkg command to manage your packages that you retrieved from third party repositories.

Currently, MSB repository is not fully supported by slackpkg+ due to the directory structure differences. Well, that's what we are going to change in the future.

Chess and I have been working to update the MSB repo generation script, borrowed from Eric Hameleer's original script and adapted from Kikinovak's MLED script. It's still in early phase, but i guess …

digiKam 3.4.0 Released

Scheduled to be released on first of September, digiKam 3.4.0 was finally released nearly a week after. This version is now properly synced with KDE 4.11 branch even though previous version is working properly with KDE 4.11 as well.

Some of the highlight of this new version are:
Added interroperabilty with Capture NX about Color Labels supportAdded new options to select Albums and Tags to processAdded multi-threading and multi-core CPU support for Metadata Synchronizer, Thumbs Generator, and Fingerprint Generator tools This version also fixed some bugs:
276092 - Change defaults for noise reduction.323271 - Face Recognition doesn't work.323253 - When face tag scanning, digikam exhausts all memory on computer.318198 - Failed to process item - rw2 to jpeg batch queue manager conversion.323165 - Delete pictures and folders are not removed from table-view323498 - (Some) Image Editor Color tools hang when starting them.323062 - digikam (core): Schema update to V 7 failed! 268688 - Write m…

xorg-1.14.x in the main tree possibility

Patrick has asked some opinion from Slackware-Current users in LQ about the performance of xorg-server 1.14.2 which currently residing in testing/. Some of the main reasons why it was placed on /testing was because it lack of driver support (ATI at that time) and also it is still causing some problems for some people.

Time passes and xorg-server gets minor improvements and it seems that most of the bugs has been fixed and there has been a proper driver support for both ATI and NVidia for the default kernel used in Slackware-Current (3.10.x branch).

I, myself has been using the xorg-server 1.14.x since it was released and it was working fine here on all of my machines (desktop, workstation, laptop), so i had no problem of it. Some other people also say the same thing.

At the end of the thread, Pat is considering to move xorg-server 1.14 back to the main tree and move forward with it. It's not happening yet, but i guess it should be on the next batch of update.

Patched kde-runtime package

Since upgrading to KDE 4.11.1, i have experienced a simple annoying bug, and that is clicking an application window on the taskbar requires double click instead of single click. I never changed the KDE configuration, so i'm pretty sure it was a regression since 4.11.0. I reported this to Eric just before KDE 4.11.1 gets released, but he never had this issue on his machines, so i guess it's a problem on my own machines.

Later, i found out that my bug report is valid and it's really a regression, thanks to chrisretusn who found out a discussion on KDE Forum and that points to a bug report on KDE bug tracker. A patch has been issued and commited to the maste branch of KDE 4.11.x and it will be included in the next KDE 4.11.2.

Eric generously rebuild the kde-runtime package and include the patch into this build and upload it on his KTown repository. You should grab this package and upgrade your machines with this update. Log out from KDE and login again to have it fixed.


New Poll: Virtualization

Usually i asked questions related to Slackware on this blog's poll, but right now, i am going to ask about what Virtualization Product that you used in Slackware. I have provided most of the common products that are available on the market. You may choose more than one pick at the same time and it will be running for the next two months (until end of November).

Go start voting for it :)

Poll Results

After two months, the poll has ended and there were 140 votes. Big thanks to all voters and here are the results:
1-10   15 (10%) 11-20   11 (7%) 21-30   14 (10%) 31-40   12 (8%) 41-50   11 (7%) 51-60   5 (3%) 61-70   5 (3%) 71-80   3 (2%) 81-90   2 (1%) 91-100   1 (0%) Over 100 packages   61 (43%)
It seems that lots of people are utilizing SBo project to help them installing the third party applications that are not part of the default Slackware installations. Nearly half of the voters have over 100 packages installed from SBo repository, which is impressive.

A new votes will be published shortly, so stay tune :)

KDE 4.11.1 Packages for Slackware-Current

The first maintenance release of KDE 4.11.1 has been released according to their release schedule and it brings over 70 bug fixes across all modules. Expect some performance improvements after upgrading to this version as the developers are busy polishing this KDE branch.

Eric Hameleers has published has KDE packages on his KTown repositories which has been mirrored out to several servers. As usual, this packages are intended only for Slackware-Current (or future Slackware 14.1) users. Please read the README provided for instructions on how to upgrade  to this version.

Here are the mirrors: URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// Have fun with KDE 4.11.1 and give your big th…

Linux Kernel 3.11, VMWare Workstation, and NVidia Legacy Drivers

So, just one week after the 22nd celebration of Linux Kernel, Linus pushed the final version of Linux Kernel 3.11, marking a new merge window for the next two weeks and start the development of Linux Kernel 3.12. Detail information about Linux Kernel 3.11 can be seen at KernelNewbies

I have downloaded this new kernel this morning and build it on my main desktop machine and it's running well here. VMWare Workstation 9.0.2 and also legacy NVidia Driver 304.xx works well here too, which is good news for me. I already searched for patches long before the final version come up, since patches can usually be found during RC-2 until RC-4.

For VMWare Workstation, it's best to start with patches for Linux Kernel 3.10 which can be downloaded from my vmware-3.10 SlackHacks repository. If you have been using this patches, then you only need to use a single patch for Linux Kernel 3.11 which is also available on my vmware-3.11 SlackHacks Repository (it contains two files, but one of them is …

Gnutls Package Revised

It appears that earlier update about Gnutls didn't fix the security vulnerabilities as the minimum version that has fixes was 3.0.28. Pat took the package from GNU's FTP Archive, which was one month late compared to the original FTP Server, so he took the wrong version. It is fixed now and Pat upgraded GnuTLS to 3.0.31, the latest version available on their FTP Server.

Another typo concerning the EOL of Slackware 12.* has been fixed in Slackware-12.2 ChangeLog. Previously, it was mentioned that Slackware 12.1 and 12.0, but now it has been changed to 12.1 and 12.2, since Slackware 12.0 has been EOL'ed along with other older Slackware releases as far as Slackware 8.0.

Slackware 12.* are EOL This Year

Patrick has decided to reduce the maintenance load by EOL'ing Slackware 12.* (12.1 and 12.2) which has been maintained over 5 years old this year. The decision is not announced explicitly, but it was noticed by one member of LQ and posted it on LQ.

This mean, by next year, the only supported Slackware version is Slackware 13.0, 13.1, 13.37, 14.0, and of course 14.1, the latest -Stable which should be released this year. Considering that this maintenance process was handled single-handed by Patrick himself, it was still considered an amazing process since not many other distribution supported more than five years. Even Ubuntu just lifted their life span of their server version to 5 years recently, while Slackware has been doing this for years.

For those who are still running Slackware 12.1 and 12.2, please be advised and start your planning to upgrade to newer Slackware version. You can use slackpkg to help you to upgrade to the next version safely. Just be sure to read the ChangeL…

Security Update: Gnutls and PHP

Two security vulnerabilities have been fixed on Slackware-14.0 and -Current. They are gnutls and PHP.

On Slackware-Current, more packages are being upgraded to the latest version:
kmod to 15lvm2 to 2.02.100doxygen to 1.8.5oxygen-gtk2 to 1.4.0oxygen-gtk3 to 1.2.0gnupg2 to 2.0.21lftp to 4.4.9nettle to 2.7.1samba to 4.0.9xlockmore to 5.43xscreensaver to 5.22

Security Update: hplip, poppler, and xpdf

Three security vulnerabilities has been fixed in the recent Slackware updates: hplip, poppler, and xpdf. Some of them are backported to earlier Slackware releases back to Slackware 12.1.

Meanwhile, on the -current branch, the default kernel stock has been upgraded to the latest version of 3.10.x branch: 3.10.9 which was released yesterday. Greg decided to change his -Stable tree rule so that new patches must wait until new RC comes out from Linus' tree before it gets backported to his tree. This way, accidents like in 3.10.8 announcement will hopefully not happened again.

Calligra is also upgraded to 2.7.2 along with some translations, zlib and pixman are upgraded as well as several XOrg packages and drivers, both in main x/ and testing/ directory. Lastly, thumbler is rebuilt due to other changes happening on this cycle.

I'm hoping that Pat will pull Samba 4.0.9 and GnuPG 2.0.21 before Slackware 14.1 comes out

lilo 24 comes in -current

Two years since their last release, finally Lilo 24.0 comes in and it will be part of the next Slackware 14.1. This is considered a major changes and what have they done in the past two years? Here they are:
Update many manpages and add some from Debian.Add old documentation as (static) html.Better support for GPT hard disks.Support for use with kernel 3.x.Fix to be compatible with gcc 4.8 and higher. Well, not much, but at least it will make Slackware works better with Linux Kernel 3.x and also GPT-based hard disks.

We also have strace and MPlayer upgraded to the latest version, both to the stable release and also to the git snapshots.

New Qt, Amarok, and Firefox Packages

There are three new packages arriving on -Current tree today and they are Amarok 2.8, Qt-4.8.5, and Firefox 23.0.1. This is indeed good news for those who are eager to use KDE 4.11 since on some machines (including mine), i had to build Qt 4.8.5 before i can use KDE 4.11 normally, otherwise KWin keep crashing here. Lucky for you, Pat decided to help build Qt 4.8.5 for all Slackware users so that the transition to KDE 4.11 will be much smoother.

AmaroK 2.8 has been pushed to -Current as well. This is a good thing since AmaroK 2.7.1 has some compatibility issues with KDE 4.11, so it's better to use 2.8 when you are using KDE 4.11.

Lastly, Firefox has been upgraded to 23.0.1 to fix some minor regressions found shortly after 23 Final has been pushed to public.

Again, big thanks to Eric for providing KDE 4.11 and Pat for helping us to migrate to KDE 4.11 easier :)

Finally, a Working KDE 4.11

I have been trying to use KDE 4.11 twice. My first attempt was 4.11 RC1 and it failed miserably since KWin keep crashing on my desktop so i had to postponed of testing it further. My second attempt was 4.11 Final and again, it failed due to the same reason. After that i gave up and downgraded to KDE 4.10.5 which was rock solid and stable.

I discussed this matter with Walecha and some other Slackware user in AlienBOB's blog post about KDE 4.11 and we thought that it might be Qt who need to be upgraded to 4.8.5 so that it should work fine. So i pulled Qt 4.8.5 and adjust Slackware's Qt SlackBuild (since there are two patches that are already part of Qt 4.8.5, so no longer needed) and build the package by myself.

After upgrading Qt, i continue by upgrading to KDE 4.11 and reboot my system. I logged in to my desktop and surprisingly, no more crashes here. It's still less than 24 hours, but i hope this will work in the future as well.

So, for those who wanted to try KDE 4.11 and…

Fixing Broken Installer

There have been two posts on LQ about broken installer on -Current tree (here and here) and both are now fixed on the latest -Current batch of updates. They were broken due to changes in dialog which was upgraded few days ago.

Another changes is to fix the conflict between e2fsprogs and util-linux and sysvinit and util-linux. fsck now belongs to util-linux, so in e2fsprogs, they are renamed to fsck-e2fsprogs. mountpoint is removed from sysvinit since it will be provided by util-linux. This was reported by Sl4ck3ver on LQ.

Last, boost was rebuilt to revert some changes (#82498) that broke MariaDB compilation so it prevented MariaDB 5.5.32 to be built. Now everything has been resolved and MariaDB 5.5.32 is available on Slackware-Current as well.

Kernel Packages Upgraded

In less than 24 hours after Pat upgraded to Linux Kernel 3.10.6, he upgraded the kernel packages to the latest one, 3.10.7 after some users reported that there's a serious bug on 3.10.6 on LQ. Hopefully this version will bring better stability on the Slackware tree.

Besides the kernel, there are two upgraded packages and they are bash which is now upgraded to 4.2.045 and also bash-completion to 2.1.

Kernel Upgrade

Patrick has just bumped several packages in latest batch of update, including the default kernel being used. It is currently using Linux Kernel 3.10.6 as the supported kernel. For detailed changes, please have a look on the ChangeLog or human-friendly ChangeLog from LWN

Beside the kernel, there are several changes as well, including upgraded dialog and recompiled seamonkey and seamonkey-solibs to remove --enable-shared-js configure parameter which broke the lightning extension. dhcpcd is also rebuilt to not run the wpa_supplicant hook since it will be taken care by wicd, NetworkManager, or rc.inet1.

Pat is also upgrading the flashplayer-plugins on the extra/ directory along with the linux kernel source for non-SMP machine.

KDE 4.11.0 Packages for Slackware-Current

Eric Hameleers has pushed his KDE 4.11.0 packages to public just few hours after the official announcement. He has made this packages last week and i already mirrored them while i was away for holiday (but thanks to a WiFI facility, i can remotely mirror the packages on my server). I haven't really test this packages on my computers as i just arrived home yesterday and i'm too tired to do more testing this packages. I will probably do the upgrade today.

So, what big changes on KDE 4.11.0 ? According to the release announcement
latest major updates to the Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Development Platform delivering new features and fixes while readying the platform for further evolution. The Plasma Workspaces 4.11 will receive long term support as the team focuses on the technical transition to Frameworks 5. This then presents the last combined release of the Workspaces, Applications and Platform under the same version number. The release of KDE Platform 4.11 has a …