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Security Update: glibc

Pat acted fast on fixing and updating glibc that is vulnerable to GHOST bug (known as CVE-2015-0235). He updated all glibc in supported Slackware releases: 13.0 up to 14.1. Slackware-current is not affected since it already uses glibc-2.20 which is not vulnerable, but he took this chance to update the timezone to the latest information (tzcode2014j and tzdata2014) and rebuilt all glibc packages.

He also update mozilla-firefox to the latest version 35.0.1 and also patch to 2.7.2

KDE 5 (Plasma 5.2.0 and Framework 5.6.0) For Slackware Users

Eric Hameleers again has worked hard to build, test, and package latest KDE releases, which includes Plasma 5.2.0, Framework 5.6.0, and Applications 14.12.1 for Slackware (current) users. This is another milestones for KDE team as more and more applications are ported to use the new Qt 5 and QML technology that enables them to push new features and overcome many limitations from previous releases.

There's one warning about this release: it will replace your KDE installation if you happened to like or enjoy KDE 4.10.5 available in default Slackware installation or if you follow previous release of KDE 4.14.3 from Eric as well. Make up your mind before proceeding and take precaution steps before.

If you are ready to plunge to the new experience, please take some time to read the README written by Eric to make sure your upgrade experience will not be disrupted and ended with a broken system. The changes in this release is quite huge compared to the previous KDE 5 releases from few mo…

Security Update: samba

New security advisory has been released for Slackware 14.1 and current only, affecting samba that is being used as AD DC (Active Directory Domain Controller). Samba has been updated to 4.1.16 to fix this problem.

Current is progressing slowly with only 3 new packages introduced in this batch:
gdb upgraded to 7.8.2alpine upgraded to 2.20imapd upgraded to 2.20

Multiple Security Advisories Released

There are 4 security advisories released for slackware today and they are:
seamonkey: Upgraded to 2.32 for Slackware 14.0 and newerfreetype: Upgraded to 2.55 for Slackware 13.0 and newermozilla-firefox: Upgraded to 31.4.0esr for Slackware 14.1 and 35 for -currentmozilla-thunderbird: Upgraded to 31.4.0 for Slackware 14.1 and current In -current itself there has been a slow pace of changes:
gcc is upgraded to 4.8.4libtool is upgraded to 2.4.4kernel stock is upgraded to 3.14.29

Security Advisory: openssl

New advisory has been released and this update fixed many many security problems in openssl library. This update is backported to earlier Slackware release, back to Slackware 13.0, but in two different version. Slackware 13.0 up to 13.37 will receive 0.9.8zd, while Slackware 14.0 up to -current will get 1.0.1k.

Nothing interesting in -current besides a new fluxbox which is upgraded to the latest version which was released few days ago. I guess you will have to wait longer for the big surprise from Patrick :)