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sbopkg new maintainer

One of the best tool for managing and building packages from SBo repository is sbopkg. I have been using it for a long time and i love this tool. It does it's job nicely. It was even better when Chess Griffin invented sqg, a new script that can be used to produce queue file for some/all packages in the repository. This solve dependency problem for many users (including me). I wrote a blog post in the past about how to manage SBo dependencies easily.

Few days ago (11 June 2015), Chess Griffin, one of the author of sbopkg and sqg posted an announcement to slackbuilds-users mailing list. He stopped developing sbopkg and also maintaining the website for sometime and looking for people who wanted to maintain it.

I quickly step up to take this role since i used it daily and i hate to see this nice project died just like that. I made a special sbopkg github account for this project, push the code there along with all the past releases, added wiki for documentation, and update all referen…

MATE 1.10 Released

Good news for MATE users: MATE 1.10 is now officially released. Unlike previous releases, this time, not all packages were uploaded at the same time. Stefano pushed base packages few weeks ago and it gradually become more and more packages until last night, the last remaining packages were uploaded by Martin.

MATE 1.10 brings several new features such as:
Better GTK-3 support (it's still considered experimental)Caja extension managerePub support on AtrilAddition of libmatemixer Many memory leaks has been fixedExpanded theme support to all various GTK version available (3.8 - 3.16) Here are the complete changelog for MATE 1.10:
mate-commonAdded support for automake 1.15Added support for lcov 1.11Migrated to glib-gettexize if using GLib gettextCheck for appdata-xml.m4 with APPDATA_XML mate-desktopMigrated MateRRScreen, GnomeRRConfig and GnomeOutputInfo to GObject.Added GObject IntrospectionAdded automatic-mnemonics key for GTK xsettingAdded MateAboutDialog class to have traditional a…

Security Updates: OpenSSL, PHP

Two security updates were released for -stable and -current users this morning along with several other packages. Here are the list of changes:
OpenSSL: Upgraded to 1.0.1nPHP: Upgraded to 5.4.11 (stable) and 5.6.9 (current)Screen: Rebuilt to fix corruption with serial portsgdb: Upgraded to 4.9.1Qt: Upgraded to 4.8.7Mozilla Firefox: Upgraded to 38.0.6Mozilla Thunderbird: Upgraded to 38.0.1