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End of Year Review

2016 has been a great year for my journey with Slackware. Slackware 14.2 finally got released on July 1 after 2 years of development. It's very stable and i'm sure everyone is pleased with this release as the best release ever. Eric Hameleers also released his Slackware Live project to public and enables new users to test Slackware in a live environment without having to install it on their hard drive (but they do have an option to install it if they like it). It's at 1.1.5 currently and documented very well in Slackware Documentation project. SlackBuilds repository for Slackware 14.2 also released in the same day as Slackware 14.2 gets announced.

MATE 1.14 and Cinnamon 3.0 got released in the same day as Slackware 14.2 and it's the first MATE  and Cinnamon release for Slackware 14.2. Few months later, MATE 1.16 and Cinnamon 3.2 landed as well in Slackware 14.2. It's will continue to be supported until next release of Slackware unless new version gets released.


Security Update: Thunderbird, Seamonkey, libpng, python, samba

5 Security updates were released near the end of year 2016:

Samba: Upgraded to 4.4.8 for Slackware 14.2 and 4.5.3 for currentPython: Upgraded to 2.7.13 for Slackware 14.0 and newerThunderbird: Upgraded to 45.6.0 for Slackware 14.1 and newerSeamonkey: Upgraded to 2.46 for Slackware 14.1 and newerlibpng: Upgraded to 1.2.57 for Slackware 13.0, 1.4.20 for Slackware 13.1 up to 14.1, 1.6.27 for Slackware 14.2 and current More updates on current includes: Nano: Upgraded to 2.7.3btrfs-progs: Upgraded to 4.9hplip: Upgraded to 3.16.11tmux: Upgraded to 2.3elfutils: Upgraded to 0.168openvpn: Upgraded to 2.4.0libXpm: Upgraded to 3.5.12libdrm: Upgraded to 2.4.74mesa: Upgraded to 13.0.2xf86-video-dummy: Upgraded to 0.3.8xf86-video-geode: Upgraded to 2.11.19xf86-video-git: Upgraded to latest git (20161117)xfce4-panel, xfce4-settings, xfconf: Upgraded to 4.12.1

Security Update: expat, httpd, openssh

Three security updates has been published since my last blog post and they were:

expat: Upgraded to 2.2.0 for Slackware 13.0 and newerhttpd: Upgraded to 2.4.25 for Slackware 14.0 and neweropenssh: Upgraded to 7.4p1 for Slackware 13.0 and newer Meanwhile in current some changes is in progress: ncurses: Upgraded to 6.0readline: Upgraded to 7.0Removal of libtermcap (included in ncurses)curl: Upgraded to 7.52.1gpa: Upgraded to 0.9.10gpgme: Upgraded to 1.7.1lftp: Upgraded to 4.7.4libassuan: Upgraded to 2.4.3libgcrypt: Upgraded to 1.7.5libksba: Upgraded to 1.3.5nettle: Upgraded to 3.3nmap: Upgraded to 7.40pinentry: Upgraded to 1.0.0xfce4-weather-plugin: Upgraded to 0.8.8gcc: Upgraded to 6.3.0 in testing/

NVidia Legacy Unix Driver Update

NVidia has released an updated legacy drivers to support X.Org 1.19 with ABI 23. It has been mentioned in the UNIX drivers, but you can directly find the drivers from the links below:
NVidia 304.134 (x86x86_64)NVidia 340.101 (x86, x86_64) I have tested the 304.134 driver and it's working great here. I can finally remove x from my /etc/slackpkg/blacklist file since it's a showstopper for me.
Aside from legacy driver, NVidia has also released their latest driver 375.26 (x86, x86_64), which brings support for newer cards and also many new features (including X.Org 1.19 with ABI 23 support).

Security Update: kernel, php, mcabber

Just hours after i published MATE and Cinnamon packages for current and said that current is a moving target, Patrick released security updates for stable and current plus some library updates in current. The changes includes:

kernels: Upgraded to 4.4.38 for Slackware 14.2 and currentmcabber: Upgraded to 1.0.4 in Slackware 14.0 and newer. This requires updated loudmouth 1.5.3.php: Upgraded to 5.6.29 in Slackware 14.0 and newer Interesting fact: this is the third time Slackware 14.2 receive a kernel bump. In the previous stable releases, we rarely see a kernel being upgraded more than once. In Slackware 14.1 there's one kernel bump to 3.10.103, and we have two bumps (3.2.45 and 3.2.83) for Slackware 14.0.
More packages coming in current: coreutils: Upgraded to 8.26grep: Upgraded to2.27kernel-firmware: Upgraded to 20161211nano: Upgraded to 2.7.2gsl: Upgraded to 2.3

MSB and CSB Packages for Current

So far, i have been building MATE and Cinnamon under 14.2 stable releases and i will continue to support 14.2 as long as possible. It's a rock solid release and all MATE and Cinnamon updates are coming in smoothly.

Current is now progressing as well, even though no major changes in the toolchain and libraries, making it possible for packages built against stable be used under current machines. That, however, is not a long term solution as current is a moving target, meaning it will diverge from stable when Pat pushed the big updates someday with all the changes from toolchain, libraries, and applications. Mixing current and stable are not recommended.

Today i created two new VMs for building MATE 1.17 and latest Cinnamon 3.2 packages against current for testing area. Both have been uploaded to repository (MATE, Cinnamon) and it's available in x86_64 architecture only. These packages can be used to generate new Slackware Live ISOs using liveslack script from Eric H…

New Slackware Live ISOs

Eric Hameleers (AlienBOB) is now actively pushing updates on his set of packages on his repository. His latest work involved set of KDE 5 updates, new baking recipe, and the Slackware Live ISOs based on latest work of liveslack 1.1.5.

One interesting point about this latest ISOs is that Cinnamon is now included in the set of ISO generated. Previously, Cinnamon was added during early testing phase, but it never got included in the next few releases and somehow it's included in the latest 1.1.5 release. It's already based on the Cinnamon update i uploaded per December 10. Since Cinnamon is in active development due to preparation of Mint 18.1, you will notice that they release many minor releases in a short time. There's already a new cinnamon commit pushed to my github/gitlab repository, but not yet packaged. I usually wait for some time before i start packaging for stable update.

Please note that Cinnamon packages were built under 14.2 stable, not current. I will try to sp…

Security Update: firefox, thunderbird

Few days ago, a new security vulnerability was posted in Tor's mailing list and it contains a PoC which affects Firefox and Thunderbird and it's currently being used to exploit TorBrowser users. Mozilla quickly being notified and they released an update to their products followed by others. After analyzing it, turns out it's a SVG Animation remote code execution. It targets for Windows users, but the underlying bug is also available on other platforms as well.

Slackware include the latest Firefox and Thunderbird products in their latest update. Stable release still receive an ESR version, which is still at 45.x branch. TorBrowser is also using ESR as their baseline. They also release a new version: 6.0.7.

Another update was a request by me to include a patch to fix a problem i found while testing MATE 1.17. During creating the tarball by using make distcheck, it failed to build properly. One of MATE's developer (monsta) pointed to a bug report in LP and there was a pat…

Plans for MATE 1.18

Since Cinnamon 3.2 packages are done, now i can shift my focus towards future MATE 1.18. The goal of MATE 1.18 will be a complete transition to GTK+3 and so far, the upstream developers have done a great job on doing it. By moving to fully GTK+3, they can focus on introducing new features that are impossible to deliver while having to support the old GTK+2 and new GTK+3 toolkit.

The current plan is deliver MATE 1.18 on December 2016. It's an ambitious plan, but we hope it can be met and if the target is achieved, MATE 1.18 will be included in the next Debian 9.0 "Stretch". That's the optimistic plan. The fallback plan will be around January/February.

Since GTK+3 have many releases and different distribution ship different version of GTK+3, it's already agreed that the minimum GTK+3 supported is 3.14. GTK+3 will no longer be updated for major releases as they are now working towards GTK+4 and GTK+3 3.22 will be the last version for 3.x branch while minor and micro…

Cinnamon 3.2 Packages for Slackware 14.2

After being stuck at fixing the desktop locking issues for days, Walesa came in with a simple change on PAM rules and voila... the desktop locking issue is now fixed. I can finally publish the latest work on Cinnamon 3.2 built on top of Slackware 14.2.

The changes are now pushed to master and 14.2 branch, which is different a little bit due to commits ordering due to addition of mint-y-* , but it will give the same output in general. 3.2-prep is now removed as well and the binary packages for x86 and x86_64 are now uploaded to (Big thanks to Darren Austin for providing this service).

There are several new packages and one removal:

autoconf-archive: Addedcracklib: Addedmint-y-icons: Addedmint-y-theme: Addedpam_unix2: Removedxapps: Added
It's always recommended to use upgradepkg --reinstall --install-new to install/upgrade all the packages since they are all built/rebuilt from scratch on a clean Slackware 14.2 VM. This will also avoid missing new package…

Security Update: Firefox

New Firefox package has been released for Slackware 14.1, 14.2, and current and it's considered a security update. For Slackware 14.1, there's one package that is being rebuilt due to changed soname, which is libxcb.

In current, things are progressing again and this time, it *may* break your system, so proceed with cautions. Here are the changes in Slackware-Current:
Bash: Upgraded to 4.4.005Kernel: Upgraded to 4.4.32Ghostscript: Upgraded to 9.20Nmap: Upgraded to 7.31Samba: Upgraded to 4.5.1.Freeglut: Upgraded to 3.0.0libXfont2: Addedlibdrm: Upgraded to 2.4.73Mesa: Upgraded to 13.0.1X,Org: Upgraded to 1.19Xterm: Upgraded to 326tigervnc: Upgraded to 1.7.0 One big change is the inclusion of X.Org 1.19 which has newer ABI thus it will break systems who uses proprietary drivers and the vendor haven't released an update to support the new ABI. NVidia already released a new driver 375.20 which is the only NVidia driver update at this moment, but they are working to provide an upd…

Cinnamon Locking Issue

In the past few days, i have been spending some time to take a look on a known issue in Cinnamon which affected my packages for Slackware. It's a desktop locking problem and it's an important feature that i need to prioritize.

In Cinnamon 3.0, the desktop lock was not a problem at all and everything worked just fine. Somehow, upstream developer changed their code during the development for 3.2 and now it's "broken" in 3.2. I called it "broken" since it may only affect non-systemd and non-PAM systems like Slackware. I'm thinking of PAM-related issue since i'm relatively new to PAM, but strange thing is that everything worked well before 3.2 and it also use the same PAM package i used for 3.0. I tried many combinations in PAM settings, but the problem persists: It won't authenticate properly.

If you have knowledge on PAM, please test the new Cinnamon 3.2, mostly cinnamon-screensaver since that's where the issue is.

Cinnamon 3.2 Early Preview

Cinnamon 3.2.0 has just been tagged in the github repository and it will be polished in preparation for upcoming Linux Mint 18.1 which will be released around December.

Cinnamon 3.2.x will highlight a new interesting feature: Vertical Panels. This is the most interesting feature as it will add capability to add vertical panel in your desktop. GNOME 3 has been using it for a while, but Cinnamon developer decided to implement this in 3.2 with some considerations.

There's a noticeable performance improvement on this release as it's getting less lag in my desktop compared to previous 3.0 releases. I'm very pleased with the results and looking forward for more performance improvements made by the upstream developers.

I decided to build an early Cinnamon packages and test it first on my desktop for early preview. Since my desktop machine is tracking Slackware Current and contain other third party packages such as those coming from SBo or MSB projects, there's no guarantee th…

Security Updates: bind, curl

Two more security updates were released today:
bind: Upgraded to 9.9.9_P4 for Slackware 13.0 until 14.1, 9.10.4_P4 for Slackware 14.2 and currentcurl: Upgraded to 7.51.0 for Slackware 13.0 up until current Other changes not concerning to security updates (some only apply to current):
glibc-zoneinfo: Upgraded to 2016inano: Upgraded to 2.7.1vim/gvim: Upgraded to 8.0.0055libcdio-paranoia: Rebuilt gnuchess: Upgraded to 6.2.4

Multiple Security Updates

After a long hiatus, finally stable and current branches are now updated with some security fixes, mainly the Dirty COW exploit and last month's multiple XOrg security issues. It has been a long wait, but i'm sure it's worthed and since the fast release of 4.4.x kernel lately, Patrick wanted to make sure that it really fix the issue and not bringing other issues (Linux Kernel 4.4.30 has just been released to revert some changes in 4.4.29 by the way).

Here are the summary of security updates released today:
kernels: Upgraded to 3.2.83 for Slackware 14.0, 3.10.104 for Slackware 14.1 and 4.4.29 for Slackware 14.2php: Upgraded to 5.6.27 for Slackware 14.0, 14.1, 14.2, and currentmariadb: Upgraded to 5.5.53 for Slackware 14.1, 10.0.28 for Slackware 14.2 and currentXOrg: Multiple update for libX11, libXfixes, libXi, libXrandr, libXrender, libXtst, libXv, libXvMC. Some packages in older release of Slackware are bumped due to changes in other packages in XOrg.  In current, there ar…

GNOME From Scratch Project

This morning i got an email from Rafael Tavares about his new project, GFS (GNOME From Scratch), a personal project that makes possible to use GNOME on Slackware GNU/Linux operating system without systemd or wayland programs. The GFS project will attempt to bring GNOME 3.22 to Slackware Linux. This is the latest version of GNOME available at this moment.

I'm very happy to see more and more Slackware users are contributing to the Slackware Linux community by providing better access to upstream projects. This enables other Slackware users to use their favorite apps/DE which are not provided in the main Slackware repository.

Before you attempt to try this project, please note that GNOME 3.22 REQUIRES new version of GTK-related libraries compared what we have in Slackware 14.2 or current. This project have provided a list of packages that will be upgraded during the process:

OpenSSL Security Advisories

OpenSSL has released twoadvisories in short period of time (4 days apart) and so does Slackware due to the same reason. The openssl package is now upgraded to 1.0.2j for 14.2 and current and 1.0.1u for 14.1.Another security advisory was about PHP which is now upgraded to 5.6.26.

Other changes happening in current is that the kernel stock is now raised to 4.4.22, the latest -stable LTS kernel for 4.4 branch. A new package is introduced in -current as well, which is sshfs. Michiel maintained that package in SBo repository and it will be removed in the next development cycle of SBo. pkgtools also got a little update to fix some issue when removing filenames containing "%" character.

digiKam 5.2.0 and new Red-Eye Effect Reduction

digiKam developers has just pushed digiKam 5.2.0 for public and it contains fixes for over 42 bugs listed in their bug tracker. Another good news about this new release is that red-eyes effect reduction process:
it introduced a new red eyes tool which automatize the
Faces detection is processed on whole image and a new algorithm written by a Google Summer of Code 2016 student named Omar Amin is dedicated to recognize shapes and try to found eyes with direct flash reflection on retina.
This new tool is available in Image Editor and also in Batch Queue Manager to be able to process a set of photos at the same time. The algorithm have been very optimized for speed efficiency and for small memory fingerprint. End user can adjust just a single parameter about the reducing level of retina red color to the average of blue and green channels. The default threshold have been tested successfully with a trial and error basis from a large data-set of images. So typically, no user interac…

MATE 1.16 GTK+3 Build

Since MATE 1.16 has been released and binary packages have been published yesterday, i have some time to build MATE 1.16 GTK+3 build only today and publish it under current directory as usual.

One of the reason for providing this binary packages is for users who wanted to help MATE devs testing the GTK+3 build as it will be the future of MATE development. As we can see from several MATE release, more and more MATE components are now being ported to GTK+3 only with a long term of fully supporting GTK+3. By removing old GTK+2 code, the developer can finally implement new features such as:
Wayland supportHiDPI supportMigrate libunique to GtkApplication Please visit to get the latest binary packages of MATE 1.16 GTK+3 only. As usual, only x86_64 is provided at this moment because it can be used with AlienBOB's Slackware Live ISOs. You can always build the packages yourself by checking out GTK3 branch from our github repository.

Note that G…

MATE Desktop 1.16 Released

Roughly six months of development cycle has been completed and a new release of MATE Desktop 1.16 is finally published by the developers. This new version brings more MATE components to GTK+3 build only and focused on bringing better support for newer GTK+3, mainly 3.20 and 3.22 (which should be the final GTK+3 release).

Here are the headline changes in MATE 1.16 (detailed changes can be seen in MATE 1.16 announcement):
Improved GTK3+ support across the entire MATE Desktop.Application and theme support for GTK+ 3.22.More applications build against GTK3+ only:EngrampaMATE Notification DaemonMATE PolKitMATE Session ManagerMATE TerminalSome applications have been decoupled from libmate-desktop:EngrampaMATE AppletsMATE NetbookMATE Power ManagerMATE TerminalPlumaWork has started to port applications to GApplcation:EngrampaMATE AppletsMATE NetbookMATE User ShareMany bugs and deprecations are fixed.Translations are updated. Thank you to our team of translators!GitHub and GitLab repository has…

Security Update: firefox, irssi, pidgin

Three security updates were released for today:
firefox: Upgraded to 45.4.0esr for 14.1 and 14.2 and 49.0 for currentirssi: Upgraded to 0.8.20pidgin: Upgraded to 2.10.11, 2.10.12, and 2.11.0 for all stable Slackware releases depending on their support Some minor update in current:
mkinitrd: Add dmsetup supportemacs: Upgraded to 25.1qt: Fix multilib issue network-scripts: Fix minor issue

Security Update: curl, mariadb

This week, we received two security advisories in Slackware for mariadb and curl packages. They were updated for Slackware 14.0 and newer (mariadb) and Slackware 13.0 and newer (curl).

Meanwhile in current, Patrick is still accepting requests in LQ by pushing some packages towards new release:
texinfo: Upgraded to 6.3libXfont: Upgraded to 1.5.2mesa: Upgraded to 12.0.2vim/gvim: Upgraded to 8.0.0005bash: Upgraded to 4.4.0btrfs-progs: Upgraded to 4.7.2e2fsprogs: Upgraded to 1.43.3 There are some packages that gets rebuilt to bug fixes such as pkgtool, guile, and sdl.

Security Update: gtk+2, gnutls

Two security updates were released today and they are gnutls and gtk+2. Even though GTK+2 was released few years back, the developers are still taking care of this branch as some projects are still using the old codebase rather than migrating to GTK+3.

Regarding gnutls update, some third party projects now require 3.4.15 version of gnutls in their build system (eg. FileZilla), so make sure to upgrade gnutls in your system. If you are using older release of Slackware (14.1 and older), you may not be able to upgrade to newer version of FileZilla unless you patch the

Security Update: php

PHP package was updated to 5.6.25 for Slackware 14.0, 14.1, 14.2, and current and considered a security update. It's the latest release of 5.6.x branch of PHP, while the main release of PHP is now at 7.0.10 and they are working on 7.1.x branch.

Interesting thing happening on current branch:
kernel: Upgraded to 4.4.20python: Rebuilt using ucs-4, requiring all python-based package to be recompiledutil-linux: Upgraded to 2.28.2hplip: Upgraded to 3.16.8nano: Upgraded to 2.7.0vim/vim-gvim: Upgraded to 7.4.2342Cython: Upgraded to 0.24.1mercurial: Upgraded to 3.9.1boost: Upgraded to 1.61.0 (this build the soname so every third party packages linked to boost will probably need to be recompiled as well)sip: Upgraded to 4.18.1samba: Upgraded to 4.5.0brltty: Upgraded to 5.4

Planning for MATE 1.16

MATE developers have agreed to release MATE 1.16 this month to catch up with Fedora 25 and Ubuntu 16.10 release schedule. Ubuntu 16.10 is scheduled for October 13 while Fedora is scheduled for November 15 (assumed no more delays).

As promised, MATE 1.16 will bring more GTK+3 porting. This time, it will be engrampa, mate-notifications-daemon, mate-session-manager, mate-polkit, and mate-terminal. Due to short development cycle, maybe not all of the  TODO entries listed in the ROADMAP will be fixed in this cycle. Long term goal is still to have all code ported to GTK+3. It's still a long road ahead due to long list of showstopper bugs, but once we completed that milestone, we can have some new interesting features, such as HiDPI + Wayland support and libunique replacement with GtkApplication.

Although some Linux distribution have offered full GTK+3 only build (such as Fedora), for next 1.16, i will probably keep providing a mix build of GTK+2/3 due to showstoppers mentioned above. Fu…

Security Update: kernel, gnupg, libgcrypt

It's not a common thing for Slackware security team to release a new kernel for stable release, but since it has a huge impact and it affected the default kernel used by Slackware 14.2 (and current), Patrick has decided to bump the kernels in the stable and current to the latest version (still in LTS branch) that already got it fixed along with libgcrypt and gnupg security issues that were published last week. It's advised to apply the patches as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

In current branch, there are more fixes:
glibc: rebuilt to fix symlink problemdiffutils: Upgraded to 3.5linuxdoc-tools: Upgraded to 0.9.72screen: Rebuilt to fix configuration issuebinutils: Rebuilt to add more options. This fix build failure with some other packages (eg. google-go-lang in SBo).glib2: Add upstream patch to fix libgio issuenetwork-scripts: Rebuilt to speed up boot time slightlystunnel: Rebuilt to fix incorrect config file namefirefox: Upgraded to 48.0.1

New Toolchain on Current

Patrick is now upgrading basic toolchain in current branch. The basic trio combination (GCC, GLIBC, and Kernel) are normally the first one to update since it will be used as a base for next Slackware release.

GCC is now upgraded to 5.4.0, which is the latest version for 5.x branch. Their latest version is at 6.1 while their development version is at 7.0.

Linux kernel is now at 4.4.17 which is still based on the latest LTS release. The latest Linux kernel release is now at 4.7.

The default GNU C Library is now using 2.24. As always, every glibc release have a long list of bug fixes and some security fixes as well.

Besides the toolchain, there are some other packages that were upgraded in the same batch:
diffutil: Upgraded to 3.4vim/vim-gvim: Upgraded to 7.4.2196lvm: Upgraded to 3.8.1oprofile: Upgraded to 1.1.0firefox: Upgraded to 48.0

Security Update: openssh, stunnel, firefox, curl

Four security updates were released this morning for following packages:
firefox: Upgraded to 45.3.0esr in Slackware 14.1, 14.2, and currentstunnel: Upgraded to 5.35 in Slackware 13.0 and newercurl: Upgraded to 7.50.1 in Slackware 13.0 and neweropenssh: Upgraded to 7.3p1 in Slackware 13.0 and newer In current, there aren't any big changes except for some minor update:
mutt: Upgraded to 1.6.2

Experimenting with Mint-Y-Theme and Icons

Today i added mint-y-theme and mint-y-icons to my CSB project to give more variations to the themes available for Cinnamon desktop as provided in Linux Mint 18 and i must say, i'm impressed with it. It looks stunning, colorful, and really gives you a new impression of Cinnamon desktop.

Mint-Y is based on Arc theme and it has 3 default themes: Mint-Y, Mint-Y-Dark, and Mint-Y-Darker. Below are some screenshot from the default Mint-Y running on Cinnamon Desktop.

The icons are now refreshed with more vibrant colors and also flatten just like what latest iOS and Android did. Number of icons are quite large so you can expect many popular applications will already have it's icon provided so that it will have a consistent icons throughout all apps installed.

As a bonus, i tried to switch to MATE and voila, it was detected as well and it works well on MATE. Here's a screenshot of running Mint-Y-Dark theme. There was a simple glitch on the preview, but it wasn't major issue.


SBo Submission for 14.2 is Open

After (semi) resting for about three weeks, finally SBo submission for 14.2 repository is now open for public. We didn't really resting as updates are still going through the git repository, but mainly it was done by admins and some selected maintainer who had been given git commit access to the repository to update their own packages.

During the last three weeks, we managed to fix many more scripts that are still broken or sources no longer available, and many other miscellanous fixes across all categories. Somehow we missed them during development cycle and thanks to our great community members, they stepped up to help us fix it quickly. Some of the biggest update are new ocaml and ocambuild (thanks to Matteo and David) and introduction of new texlive 2015 thanks to the hard work of Johannes Schoepfer.

We passed 5700 scripts in 14.2 repository and let's aim for higher number!!!

If you have a new SlackBuild you wish to submit, please make sure to test it against a full instal…

Security Update: php, gimp, bind

Three security updates were releases in the last two days:
php: Upgraded to 5.6.24 for Slackware 14.0 and newergimp: Upgraded to 2.8.18 for Slackware 14.0 and newerbind: Upgraded to 9.9.9_P2 (13-14.1) and 9.10.4_P2 (14.2 and newer) What's interesting is that Pat also upgrade packages in current branch:
tmux: upgraded to 2.2.x (moved from testing)guile: Upgraded to 2.0.12freetype: Upgraded to 2.6.5libgcrypt: Upgraded to 1.7.2network-script: Rebuilt to use -L to dhcpcd to avoid Zeroconfdialog: Upgraded to 1.3_20160424kmod: Upgraded to 23lvm2: Upgraded to 2.02.161git: Upgraded to 2.9.2desktop-file-utils: Upgraded to 0.23harfbuzz: Upgraded to 1.3.0httpd: Upgraded to 2.4.23lftp: Upgraded to 4.7.3links: Upgraded to 2.13xf86-video-openchrome: Upgraded to 0.5.0xkeyboard-config: Upgraded to 2.18xorg-server: Upgraded to 1.18.4 I guess those are considered safe upgrade since they are all compiled against the same toolchain as used in Slackware 14.2.

Next Slackware will use UTF-8 by default

Besides taking security updates, Patrick already started minor changes in Slackware-Current which probably have big impact for users. The first one is enabling UTF-8 support by default in /etc/profile.d/lang.{csh,sh} script which are loaded by default and also in lilo dialog. It will not prompt you about UTF-8 anymore since it will use it by default and the kernel is already UTF-8 compliance. We will have less installation dialog in the next Slackware release :)

The second change is mesa upgrade to 12.0.1. This is requested in LQ, but surprisingly Patrick approved it. Normally, current will not be active for some time besides security updates.

There are some other proposals that weren't addressed in the last development cycle, which hopefully could make it through in the next cycle:
Replace UCS-2 with UCS-4 for all python-related packagesReplace KDE 4 with KDE 5Added Python 3 supportAdded Qt5 supportUpgrade VTE3 to expose the new 2.91 API Perhaps you have other proposals to make?

Security Update: Thunderbird and Samba

Two security updates were released few days ago for :
thunderbird: Upgraded to 45.2.0 for Slackware 14.1, 14.2, and currentsamba: Upgraded to 4.2.14 for Slackware 14.0, 14.1 and 4.4.5 for 14.2 and current

digiKam5 for Testing

digiKam 5.0.0 is released after two years of porting to Qt5. This is a new major release and it brings another new features besides the porting itself:
Robust multi-core/multi-threaded implementationVirtual digiKam trash folderImprove the metadata workflow and introducing Lazy Synchronization toolkipi-plugins to Qt5MySQL/MariaDB interface (still experimental) I have pushed digikam5 SlackBuild script into my SlackHacks repository along with Framework5 and libkipi (now renamed to libkipi5) so you can start testing it. Why not pushing it to SBo?  I have several reasons for that:
Framework 5 architecture is a giant beast. Finding the correct dependency for all tier 2/3/4 will be very time consuming, so it's easier to build them according to the build order that have been done by AlienBOB (big thanks for him). I have provided an automated build script (taken from MSB) to build Framework 5 on top of Slackware 14.2 with some modifications. NOTE: not all sub modules of Framework 5 are added…

MATE 1.15 for Testing

MATE 1.14 packages are out already, but the development still going on and getting more interesting. More MATE components are being ported to GTK+3, which will eventually lead to MATE 1.16 in the next few months. According to the poll that i conducted on my blog few months ago, most people wanted to have a full GTK+3 build of MATE instead of a mix build, but i ended up with a mix build for Slackware 14.2, since some major showstopper bug for GTK+3 are still there.

Since i have a long holiday this week, i created two new VMs to test the new MATE 1.15 release for both mix build (GTK+2/3) and full GTK+3 build. I built the packages already and it has been published under "current" directory. This will be the new testing playground for development releases.

I made two different documentation for each directory since full GTK+3 replaced some old packages with it's GTK+3 package, while in mix build we only add 3 new deps (libgxps, vala, vte3).

have fun with the new MATE 1.15 :-…

First Update to Current

Normally Slackware-Current will have it's first update whenever a new security vulnerabilities found and it could take days/weeks since a stable release, but not this time.

Patrick quickly upgrade three packages in current:
file: Upgraded to 5.28util-linux: Upgraded to 2.28mozilla-firefox: Upgraded to 47.0.1 Slackware 14.2's firefox was kept at 45 since it's an ESR version, meaning it will receive long term support such as LTS kernel. It's a good choice since Slackware normally supported for a long time. Slackware 13.0 announced back in 2009 is still supported up to this point (7 years). Other Linux distributions normally ship 3-5 years of support before marking it EOL. Others may have shorter life cycle.

One interesting news about Firefox is that it already supported Electrolysis (e10s) feature since Firefox 37, but it's disabled by default. It separates Firefox into two separate process, one for handling web content in background child process and the main parent …

SlackBuilds 14.2 Repository is Ready

As promised, you don't need to wait for another three months before SlackBuilds 14.2 repository in SBo is ready since actually the repository itself is ready in the same day as Slackware 14.2 release date, thanks to the hard work of everyone involved of testing all the scripts in our repository. We need to do some internal work to update the website to use the latest repository and it took some time to complete, but now it's ready.

In total, we have 5701 scripts in 14.2 branch and there are 2823 commits since we are tracking for Slackware Current in January, 17 (commit).

Here is the announcement:
Here it is! The launch of the repository into the 14.2 era. With the help of our amazing community we spent the last couple of months testing, fixing, and updating the scripts in the repository for the latest Slackware release. We are happy to say that we think it has never been better (yes, we say this every time) We've added a new template script (haskell) an…

MSB: Working on MATE 1.15 Development Cycle

Since Slackware 14.2 has been released and MATE 1.14 is out there for public, i can now focus on testing MATE 1.15 development cycle, aiming for MATE 1.16 which probably be around September/Oktober since it's aiming for Ubuntu 16.10 and Fedora 25 releases in October and November.

MSB master branch is now tracking MATE 1.15 cycle already and i have pushed several commits which upgrade to 1.15 and also enable more features in some components. Here's the highlight:
Bump all packages to 1.15.xAdd new deps: libgxps for atril to support XPS file formatAdd new flag for atril to support DVI format (it uses tetex's kpathsea)Add new deps: vte3 for mate-terminal (2.91 APIs)Add new deps for vte3: valaEngrampa, mate-notification-daemon, mate-polkit, mate-terminal and mate-session-manager are now GTK+3 onlyEnable introspection in caja and mate-desktopEnable gdict applet in mate-utilsEnable IPv6, stickynotes, and polkit support in mate-applets I have rebased GTK3 branch from latest master…

sbopkg 0.38.0 is out for Slackware 14.2

What a busy day today with all the releases for Slackware 14.2, MATE 1.14, Cinnamon 3.0 and now sbopkg 0.38.0.

Here are the changes for 0.38.0:
FEATURES * Add --no-group to rsync so files are owned by root:root Patch by pyllyukko * Updated es translations (Dhaby Xiloj) * Moved sqg to /usr/sbin * Added support for Slackware 14.2. * Update queue sample files Go grab them from sbopkg's website.

We are finalizing SBo repository for Slackware 14.2, but at least you don't have to wait 3 months just like previous cycle as we have prepared it since last January. Stay tune for SBo announcement on slackbuilds-user mailing list.

MATE 1.14 and Cinnamon 3.0 for Slackware 14.2

Just hours since Slackware 14.2 is released, we proudly present to you MATE 1.14 and Cinnamon 3.0 for Slackware 14.2 users!!! We have been working under the hood of testing these two projects since they were released last April.

The binary packages are compiled against Slackware 14.2 official ISO and it's now uploaded to the usual repository in and Thanks to Darren Austin for providing a place to host these two projects.

The website for MSB have been updated with latest information about the new release and we have added a new website for CSB as well (Thanks to Chess Griffin for permission to use the template from MSB website). Please visit the website for screenshots and other information.

Notes on MATE:
This is a mix build between GTK+2/3 as upstream is moving some MATE components to GTK+3 onlyFuture release will bring more GTK+3 only MATE components Both projects are hosted in github (msb, csb) and gitlab (msb, csb). Feel free to …

Slackware 14.2 Released

After 6 months since the first announcement of the first Beta, Slackware 14.2 is finally released this morning (Western Indonesian Time) when i was a sleep. When other Linux distribution probably already shipped another release, we spent half a year waiting to make sure Slackware 14.2 is rock solid and i'm pretty sure it's worth to wait.

Here's some highlight of Slackware 14.2:
Kernel 4.4.14 (part of 4.4.x branch which is a LTS release)Glibc 2.23Xorg 1.18.3GCC 5.3.0PHP 5.6.23Apache 2.4.20OpenSSL 1.0.2hOpenSSH 7.2p2Perl 5.22.2Python 2.7.11Ruby 2.2.5Subversion 1.9.4Git 2.9.0Mercurial 3.8.2Mozilla Firefox ESR 45.2.0Mozilla Thunderbird 45.1.1KDE 4.14.21 (KDE 4.14.3 with kdelibs-4.14.21)Gimp 2.8.6Hexchat 2.12.1Pidgin 2.10.12 See the complete Release Notes for more information about this release.

Happy fun :-)

MATE Packages Refreshed

I took this Sunday morning to rebuild all MATE packages for both mix build GTK+2/3 and fully GTK+3 build and upload it to the testing playground as usual. They are built against Slackware Current latest batch of update per Sun Jun 26 01:28:27 UTC 2016.

It's been a while since i update the content of the repository and since Patrick upgrade poppler, it broke Atril, so instead of just rebuilding Atril, i decided to rebuilt everything from scratch. It's also a good drill to make sure the build is fine.

Once Slackware 14.2 is released, a new branch (14.2-mate-1.14) will be created and future update of MATE 1.14 will be built from this branch. Master branch will then follow the next development cycle of MATE which will lead to MATE 1.16. Several interesting changes have been merged and you can see them in their ROADMAP. We will see more GTK+3 porting in MATE 1.16 and it's likely that MATE 1.16 will be out this year as it tried to follow Fedora and Ubuntu's release schedule.…

Security Update: kernel, php

It seems that the release of Slackware 14.2 will have to wait again since Pat just bumped the kernel to 4.4.14 to fix 2 security vulnerabilities which he mentioned in detail in the latest batch of updates:
This kernel release fixes two security issues: Corrupted offset allows for arbitrary decrements in compat IPT_SO_SET_REPLACE setsockopt. Risk: High. Impact: Kernel memory corruption, leading to elevation of privileges or kernel code execution. This occurs in a compat_setsockopt() call that is normally restricted to root, however, Linux 3/4 kernels that support user and network namespaces can allow an unprivileged user to trigger this functionality. This is exploitable from inside a container. Out of bounds reads when processing IPT_SO_SET_REPLACE setsockopt. Risk: Medium. Impact: Out of bounds heap memory access, leading to a Denial of Service (or possibly heap disclosure or further impact). This occurs in a setsockopt() call that is normally restricted …

PulseAudio 9.0 is now included in Current

More bug fixes are going through Slackware Current as bug reports keep flowing in in LQ and Pat thoroughly reviewed most of them and apply them as needed.

The latest request was to apply PulseAudio 9.0 since it introduced an automatic routing when devices gets plugged/unplugged and many new features that were commonly reported happening in Slackware Current. Hopefully this new version fixed most of them. Other than PulseAudio, other packages gets updated/rebuilt as well:
etc: Rebuilt to add root to audio groupkernel-firmware: Upgraded to latest versionnano: Upgraded to 2.6.0sip: Upgraded to 4.18 (needed to build PyQt 5-5.6)xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin: Rebuilt to fix icon issue in dark GTK+3 themegmp: Upgraded to 6.1.1screen: Upgraded to 4.4.0 in testing/

Security Update: gd, libarchive, pcre

Three security vulnerabilities were fixed in the last few batch of updates:
gd: Upgraded to 2.2.1 (only in current)libarchive: Upgraded to 3.2.1 for 14.1 and currentpcre: Upgraded to 8.39 for 14.1 and current There has been some improvements on other packages as well
php: Added a new configure option to specify vpx-dirimagemagick: Upgraded to 6.9.4_9mkinitrd: Added few more USB keyboard modulescairo: Added patch to fix MATE applets in GTK+3 build

Slackware/Slackware Live ISO, HTTPS Transition, and Indonesian Community Updates

I wanted to give several news in a single post today. Let's start with Slackware updates.

It has been a week since my last post about Slackware updates and i just want to give a recap on what's happening on Slackware-Current development cycle:
e2fsprogs: Upgraded to 1.43.1kdelibs: Upgraded to 4.14.21xf86-video-intel: Upgraded to latest git snapshotgrub: Rebuilt to use correct optionmkinitrd: Rebuilt to fix USB partition detection, adding more USB-based storage/keyboard modules and fix support for LUKS password in newer keyboardssysvinit-scripts: Rebuilt to support password in non-swap partitions and new option.cups-filters: Upgraded to 1.9.0cups: Upgraded to 2.1.4hicolor-icon-theme: Upgraded to 0.15NetworkManager: Rebuilt to fix udev locationsamba: Rebuilt to move any files to the new location, not just .tbd filesvsftpd: Rebuilt to handle crypt() changes in new GLIBCwget: Upgraded to 1.18 (security fix)xterm: Upgraded to 325gettext/gettext-tools: Upgraded to Reb…

Moving Cinnamon SlackBuild Project to a new Organization

Cinnamon SlackBuild (CSB) project is now maturing and i believe it should be organized in an open organization instead of being my personal project only, so i decided to create a new organization CinnamonSlackBuilds and move my csb repository under

For users who have been following CSB development, you only need to change the git configuration located in /path/to/csb/.git/config. Change the url part in [remote "origin"] section into and you will still be able to pull latest changes from the repository.

Upgrading Slackware 14.1 to Current and MATE 1.12 to 1.14

Since Slackware 14.2 is getting closer to release, i decided to try migrating my wife's desktop machine from Slackware 14.1 to Slackware 14.2 (current). It still uses MATE 1.12 since i don't build MATE 1.14 for Slackware 14.1 (mostly because some deps require higher version of library that what's included in 14.1), so it's a good opportunity to try the upgrade process from MATE 1.12 to MATE 1.14 as well.

Since my wife's usage on this machine is limited to simple activities, i didn't install many third party packages besides LibreOffice and some other packages (less than 10 i counted). This gives me an easy start because i can simply wipe all of them during the upgrade process and reinstall it later if deemed necessary.

Here's what i did :
rsync a backup copy of slackware-current repository from my desktopchange the mirror in slackpkg to local file instead of remote repositoryslackpkg install-new (install new packages introduced in 14.2)slackpkg upgrade-all (…

10th Anniversary of SBo Project

This week (5th of June) marks the tenth anniversary of

AlienBOB wrote a detailed post in his blog about the birth of the project and how he become one of the admins at that time. It should give users a nice history about how it all started. I also want to share some background how i become one of Slackware user and now one of the admin in SBo project.

I started to use Slackware in 2005 when i couldn't get Mandriva 2005 working properly on my first laptop (Acer Travelmate). The installation went well, but it always ended in a kernel panic situation. I described them on my first post to this blog in 2006 (took me several months to decide to make a new blog that discuss my daily live with Slackware). I used Slackware 10.2 at that time.

I remembered those times when i still had to do "./configure; make; make install" on every packages i wanted to install on my laptop. It was pretty challenging at the beginning, but it become more and more complicated when so…

More Bug Fixes Towards 14.2

In the last few days, more and more bug fixes are pushed to public. Pat is becoming more selective when accepting requests from people in LQ, otherwise it will drag Slackware 14.2 release longer. Here are the updates since my last blog post:
nftables: Upgraded to 0.6xf86-input-evdev: Upgraded to 2.10.3aspell-en: Upgraded to 7.1_0yptools: Rebuilt to make it work on x86_64 platformpkgtools: lots of improvementskernel: Upgraded to 4.4.13mkinitrd: Support LABEL and UUID for resume devicespython-setuptools: Upgraded to 22.0.5SDL: Rebuilt to fix SDL_ttf bugsamba: Rebuilt to move files to /var and fix harmless error messagesmartmontools: Upgraded to 6.5gnutls: Upgraded to 3.4.13 (security update)gkrellm: Upgraded to 2.3.7firefox: Upgraded to 45.2.0esrkernel-4.5.x: Removed from testing as it's been EOL'ed by Greg

Security Update: ntp

After the last call, Pat only accept bug fixes and security fixes updates in the last batch of update :
ntp: Upgraded to 4.2.8p8 for all Slackware releases back to 13.0imagemagick: Upgraded to 6.9.4_7xfce4-panel: Rebuilt to fix blinking issuelxc: Rebuilt to fix shutdown issuelibxml2: Rebuilt to fix attribute decoding issuenet-snmp: Rebuilt to include ucd-snmp/diskio module

Last Call Before 14.2 Gets Stable

Guys, last call for Slackware 14.2 development cycle before it's declared stable and we soon will have Slackware 14.2 ready. Here's the last changes in last batch of update:
kernel: Upgraded to 4.4.12gdb: Upgraded to 7.11.1harfbuzz: Upgraded to 1.2.7libfntl: Upgraded to 1.0.6imagemagick: Upgraded to 6.9.4_6

Security Update: thunderbird, imagemagick

Two security updates were released in the lasttwo days:
Thunderbird: Upgraded to 45.1.1 and applicable for 14.1 and currentimagemagick: Upgraded to 6.9.4_5 for current and rebuilt for others (14.0 and 14.1) Suggestions are flowing for Current in LQ and Pat agreed to push more updates:
cdrtools: applied cdrtools-mkisofs patch requested by gmgfhplip: rebuilt with correct paths thanks to kjhambrickLibRaw: upgraded to 0.17.2lcms2: rebuilt to remove PDF/RTF docs bluez: upgraded to 5.40bash-completion: removed mpv symlinktmux: added some terminfo files, requested by Duganpython-setuptools: upgraded to 21.2.2curl: upgraded to 7.49.1blueman: upgraded to 2.0.4xscreensaver: upgraded to 5.35

Security Update: php, libxml2, and libxslt

Three security updates were released this morning for Slackware 14.0 and newer:
libxslt: upgraded to 1.1.29 php: upgraded to 5.6.22libxml2: upgraded to 2.9.4 Meanwhile in current, some bug fixes were pushed as well:
sysvinit-scripts: fix cgroup, cgmanager, and cgproxy handling ghostscript: use bundled openjpeg librarylxc: merge rc.S changesqeegie: upgraded to 1.3rc.dropbear is now executable in the images

Security Update: libarchive and Poppler Effect

One security update was released by Pat for Slackware 14.1 and current: libarchive. This package is now updated to 3.1.2 for both version.

More changes coming to current while some bugs were squashed as well to make sure our next release still have the same quality as previous releases. Here are the highlights:
syslinux: upgraded to 4.0.7e2fsprogs: rebuilt to fix the ext4 issuempg123: upgraded to 1.23.4git: upgraded to 2.8.3poppler: upgraded to 0.44.0gnutls: upgraded to 3.4.12MPlayer: rebuilt with --disable-ossaudioxf86-input-wacom: upgraded to 0.33.0ghostscript: upgraded to 9.19libpng: upgraded to 1.6.22libtiff: upgraded to 4.0.6bind: upgraded to 9.10.4_P1libXfixes: upgraded to 5.0.2libxproto: upgraded to 7.0.29imagemagick: upgraded to 6.9.4_4 Due to changes in poppler which bumped the soname library, atril in my MSB project needs to be rebuilt or otherwise you will not be able to load PDF files. I have uploaded the rebuilt version in both repositories (mix and full GTK+3 build), but …

Security Update: curl and Slackware Live 1.0

One security update has been released today by Pat for all Slackware releases back to 13.0. It's on curl package and it's now upgraded to 7.49.0.

Things gets little busy in current since there has been some updates:
kernel: upgraded to 4.4.11kernel-firmware: upgraded to latest git snapshotbtrfs-progs: upgraded to 4.5.3e2fsprogs: upgraded to 1.43gzip: upgraded to 1.8tar: upgraded to 1.29lxc: upgraded to 2.0.1sqlite: upgraded to 3.13.0vim/gvim: upgraded to 7.4.1832dnsmasq: upgraded to 2.76lftp: upgraded to 4.72mercurial: upgraded to 3.8.2gdbm: upgraded to 1.12libmtp: upgraded to 1.1.11libndp: upgraded to 1.16lvm2: upgraded to 2.02.154python-setuptools: upgraded to 21.0.0kernel config for 4.5 and 4.6 were added in testing/ Slackware current is now getting closer to release and most of the packages that comes with next Slackware 14.2 should be up to date enough for the next few years of usage.

In other story, Eric Hameleers have declared his Slackware Live project stable enough to …

Security Update: thunderbird, imagemagick

Two security updates were released in the last few days and one of them is quite nasty (imagetragick):

thunderbird: Upgraded to 45.1.0 for Slackware 14.1 and newerimagemagic: Upgraded to 6.7.7_10 for Slackware 14.0, 6.8.6_10 for Slackware 14.1, and 6.9.4_1 for current Besides these two security updates, current is now moving as well: kernel: upgraded to 4.4.10kernel-firmware: upgraded to latest git snapshotman-pages: upgraded to 4.0.6NetworkManager and network-manager-applet: Upgraded to 1.2.2moc: upgraded to 2.5.1slackpkg: upgraded to 2.82.1 (now support 14.2 mirror sites)openvpn: upgraded to 2.3.11mesa: upgraded to 11.2.2

MATE 1.14 with GTK+3 for Testing

Since i have reorganized my GTK3 branch for easily building MATE against fully GTK+3 instead of a mix of GTK+2 and GTK+3, i simply used them to build a fully GTK+3 build of MATE 1.14 and publish them on the same repository, but with -gtk3 naming: 1.14-gtk3. (beware: they all have the same name).

Since i publish a new poll in this blog about which MATE should be used for Slackware 14.2, some people have voted in and i found that almost all of the voters (20 out of 21) said that i should build MATE against fully GTK+3 instead of a mix one.Well, here's a good chance for you to compare between a mix build and fully GTK+3 build of MATE 1.14 against latest Slackware Current.

GTK+3 build still have some issues to tackle in (see upstream notes) and some of them are considered major. Other that the issues mentioned there, it's perfectly usable, but still considered experimental by upstream. More bug fixes are coming all the way in the development cycle and i have been monitoring them s…

Building MATE Against GTK3

Since 1.14 branch has been merged into master yesterday, i decided to rebase my GTK3 branch against master so that i can test the new GTK+3 build easily.

Things have changed since GTK3 branch was last modified and some of the work in that branch have been integrated in master, so it took some time to reorganize the commit history to make it linear.

Good news that it's now done. You can fully build MATE against GTK+3 (by default still GTK+2, except for some components which was already ported to GTK+3 in 1.14 cycle) simply by running this command:
git pull  git checkout GTK3./ && ./ &&./ As there has been some packages gets added and removed during 1.14 and Slackware 14.2 cycle, please make sure to read MATE-1.14-CHANGES.TXT before building it from source if you are planning to upgrade from MATE 1.12. It's also suggested to log out of MATE before building as you might get locked in while screensaver is active…

Change of Plan for MATE in 14.2

After thinking about this for a while, i am thinking of changing some of my original idea about MATE for Slackware 14.2.

My original idea is to provide BOTH MATE 1.12 and 1.14 for Slackware 14.2. MATE 1.12 has no changes in terms of number of packages since 1.10 as it was only a bug fixes releases and was done in a short development cycle. At that time, MATE 1.14 was still in the development. I wasn't sure whether i want to take 1.14 because it was late in Slackware's development cycle.

Surprisingly, MATE 1.14 was released in last April and it bring some major changes such as GTK+3 porting, package merge, and many other library bumps here and there. However, it was tested by some people and turns out to be stable for daily usage.

Based on above fact that MATE 1.14 is stable enough and i'm the only maintainer for MSB at this moment, i want to keep the maintenance load in a maintainable level. Hence, my new plan is to provide MATE binary packages starting at 1.14 for Slackwa…

Security Update: mercurial and openssl

There were 2 security updates released this week:
mercurial: upgraded to 3.8.1 and backported to all Slackware releases back to 13.0openssl: upgraded to 1.0.1t for Slackware 14.0 and 14.1 and 1.0.2h for current More updates were released in current:
kernel: upgraded to 4.4.9tmux: downgraded to 2.1 but 2.2 still in testing/samba: upgraded to 4.4.3imagemagick: upgraded to 6.9.3_9hexchat: upgraded to 2.12.1bind: upgraded to 9.10.4hplip: upgraded to 3.16.5mozilla-firefox: upgraded to 45.1.1esrmutt: upgraded to 1.6

Security Update: ntp, php, subversion

There were 3 security updates in the past few days along with many changes in current shaping up to the final version:
ntp: Upgraded to 4.2.8p7: backported to all Slackware stable releasesphp: Upgraded to 5.6.21: backported to Slackware 14.0 and 14.1subversion: Upgraded to 1.7.22 for Slackware 14.0 and 14.1 and 1.9.4 for current Highlights of updates in current:
lvm2: upgraded to 2.02.152gphoto2/libgphoto2: upgraded to 2.5.10 mariadb: upgraded to 10.0.25 vim/gvim: upgrade to 7.4.1811git: upgraded to 2.8.2ruby: upgraded to 2.2.5whois: upgraded to 5.2.12xf86-input-evdev: upgraded to 2.10.2perl: upgraded to 5.22.2poppler: upgraded to 0.43.0libdrm: upgraded to 2.4.68 overall, things are shaping very well and i think everyone will be pleased with the final results when it's released.

CSB Update for Cinnamon 3.0

Cinnamon 3.0 is now officially announced and first initial packages are now pushed to testing directory at the usual place (Thanks to Darren for hosting the CSB project).

Please note that this packages are built againt Slackware Current per April 24 2016. Since current is still considered a moving target, things *may* break when new updates are coming in the future. Official packages will be rebuilt against Slackware 14.2 when it's released.

Since it's only for public testing, i only build for x86_64 platform.

Please help by testing them and report back whenever you found any issue

Cinnamon 3.0.0 Released

Cinnamon 3.0.0 has been released (but not yet announced at the time this post is published) and sources are now available in their github repository. I took this chance to build the new Cinnamon 3.0.0 on top of latest Slackware Current update on my desktop and so far, i haven't found major issue with this build.

Tonight, i'm planning to build Cinnamon 3.0.0 on top of clean Slackware Current installation from a clean VM and i will publish the unofficial packages for public testing. Hopefully it can be integrated in the next Slackware Live ISO release by Eric Hameleers.

If you are interested to try, you can always build them from source via GITHUB (development branch).

More Updates Goes to Current

Slackware Current keeps advancing towards final release and more packages are getting a bump or patched. Here are the latest update since RC 2:
Kernel: upgraded to 4.4.8 grep: upgraded to 2.25lxc: upgraded to 2.0sqlite: upgraded to 2.12.2NetworkManager: upgraded to 1.2.0ca-certificates: upgraded to 20160104gnupg2: upgraded to 2.0.30motif: upgraded to 2.3.5network-manager-applet: upgraded to 1.2.0glibc-zoneinfo: upgraded to 2016dvim/vim-gvim: upgraded to 7.4.1752cmake: upgraded to 3.5.2libgcrypt: upgraded to 1.7.0mesa: upgraded to 11.2.1imagemagick: upgraded to 6.9.3_8xf86-video-intel: upgraded to latest git commit

Slackware 14.2 RC 2 is here

We are getting closer to the final release of Slackware Linux 14.2 as Pat has labeled the current state as Release Candidate 2. It's been a month since RC 1 and it has received many changes. Along with this batch of updates include two security advisories:
mozilla-thunderbird: Upgraded to 45.0 and applicable to 14.1 and currentsamba: Upgraded to 4.2.11 for Slackware 14.0 and 14.1 and 4.4.2 for current. This fixed the badlock vulnerability. For current itself, we have several interesting changes:
kernel: upgraded to 4.4.7 and include one configuration changegstreamer and gst-plugins-*: upgraded to 1.6.4glibmm: upgraded to 2.46.4gtkmm3: upgraded to 3.18.1gnutls: upgraded to 3.4.11xf86-video-intel: upgraded to 20160224_d167280xf86-video-openchrome: upgraded to 0.4.0geeqie: upgraded to 1.2.3lvm2: upgraded to 2.02.150sqlite: upgraded to 3.12.1tmux: upgraded to 2.2QScintilla: upgraded to 2.9.1harfbuzz: upgraded to 1.2.6libpng: upgraded to 1.6.21libtasn1: upgraded to 4.8sip: upgraded to 4.…