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More Update Post RC 1

I didn't have a chance to write down all changes in current after RC 1, but there were a lot of updates in the past few days after RC 1 was announced about a week ago.

here's the highlight:
Upgraded to latest glibc-zoneinfo (backported to stable)Upgraded ntfs-3g to the latest release (2016.2.22)Upgraded many packagescups-filters to 1.8.3sudo to 1.8.16zsh to 5.2libevent to 2.0.22 (security update, backported to stable)polkit to 0.113polkit-gnome to 0.105irssi to 0.8.19nmap to 7.11mozilla-thunderbird to 38.7.1 (security update, backported to stable)lvm2 to 2.02.147ddrescue to 1.21man-pages to 4.05mc to 4.8.16harfbuzz to 1.2.4libodfgen to 0.1.6librevenge to 0.0.4libvisio to 0.1.5libwpd to 0.10.1taglib to 1.10wavpack to 4.75.2bluez to 5.38Many packages rebuilt due to pciutils now built with shared library, man-pages symlink fixes, poppler update, and many other patches.

Slackware 14.2 RC 1

Patrick has just published his latest batch of update for current and stable due to security update for firefox and what's interesting for this batch is that he call it 14.2 Release Candidate 1. We reached Beta 2 early last month and now we are getting closer to get it finalized.

There are still some works to do beyond this points, but here's the highlight of the latest changes:
kernel upgraded to 4.4.6perl upgraded to 5.22.1M2Crypto upgraded to 0.23.0crda rebuilt against latest wireless-regdbnmap upgraded to 7.1.0tigervnc rebuilt against xorg server 1.18.2new kernel config for just-released Linux Kernel 4.5 in testing What's follows is most likely polishing and fine tuning the packages so that it's stable enough and not focusing on adding new features except when it's considered important.

Slackware 14.2 is going to be another great release with biggest changes compared to previous releases. It took more than 2 years to develop, but i believe all of Slackware users…

New Cinnamon Build

I haven't been rebuilt my Cinnamon project since last December and since there has been huge changes within current during development cycle, i decided to rebuilt my cinnamon against the latest current update (per 15 March).

I started last night and i went to sleep while the build machine compiling it through the night. This morning, all is done and i uploaded already to the normal repository ( under testing directory. I didn't really test thoroughly for this build and i just make sure it works out of the box and doing some fast check on several major components and all seems to work.

If you are using cinnamon, it's time to upgrade since all libraries are now rebuilt against latest current update. Please use upgradepkg --reinstall to make sure you reinstall all packages despite same version and build number.

As always, i only provide x86_64 packages at this moment, but i will provide both x86 and x86_64 official binaries when 14.2 is released.

Have fun and ple…

Security Update: git, openssh and seamonkey

Three security updates were released couple days ago and those were :
git : upgraded to 2.7.3 and applied to all Slackware releases back to 13.0openssh: upgraded to 7.2p2 and applied to all Slackware releases back to 13.0 seamonkey: upgraded to 2.40 and only applicable to 14.1 and current There are also updates only applicable to current users:
Kernel upgraded to 4.4.5gtk+3 upgraded to 3.18.9vim/vim-gvim upgraded to 7.4.1530 and switch to dynamic SlackBuild for building latest version from gitxorg upgraded to 1.18.2MPlayer and xine-lib rebuilt against ffmpeg 2.8.6grep upgraded to 2.24sudo rebuilt with "insult" featuresglibc-zoneinfo upgraded to latest timezone updateprocps-ng upgraded to 3.3.11kdelibs upgraded to 4.14.18ethtool upgraded to 4.5gnuplot upgraded to 5.0.3xfce4-clipman-plugin upgraded to 1.2.6

Security Update: mozilla-nss and bind

Following yesterday's update here comes another two updates for stable and current:
mozilla-nss: Upgraded to 3.23 for Slackware 14.0 and newerbind: Upgraded to 9.9.8_P4 for Slackware 13.0 and newer and 9.10.3_P4 for current There has been a numerous package requests at LQ and some of them are now pushed to public repository while the rest are still left behind. Here are the latest update in current:
cryptsetup upgraded to 1.7.1grep upgraded to 2.23htop upgraded to 2.0.1cmake upgraded to 3.5.0calligra upgraded to 2.9.11kdelibs upgraded to 4.14.17gnupg upgraded to 1.4.20lynx upgraded to 2.8.8rel.2xf86-video-openchrome upgraded to latest git commit

Security Update: samba, firefox, php

Three security vulnerabilities were released yesterday:
PHP: Upgraded to 5.6.19 for Slackware 14.0 and newerMozilla Firefox: Upgraded to 38.7.0 for Slackware 14.1 and 45.0 for currentSamba: Upgraded to 4.1.23 for Slackware 14.1 and 4.3.6 for current As for current development, there were some bumps for many packages in all categories. Here's the complete changelog for yesterday's update:

Tue Mar 8 20:30:19 UTC 2016
l/shared-mime-info-1.6-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
n/samba-4.3.6-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
       This update fixes bugs, and two security issues:
       Incorrect ACL get/set allowed on symlink path (CVE-2015-7560).
       Out-of-bounds read in internal DNS server (CVE-2016-0771).
       For more information, see:
       (* Security fix *)
xap/mozilla-firefox-45.0-i586-1.txz: Upgraded.
       This release contains security fixes and improvem…

Security Update: openssl, mailx, php

Three security vulnerabilities were released just now for openssl, mailx, and php. 2 out of 3 applied back to all Slackware releases (13.0 and newer) while php update only applied to Slackware 14.0 and newer. The mailx package was rebuilt to drop SSLv2 support, while for openssl, --enable-ssl2 parameter is still used to avoid breaking ABI thus no need to rebuild lot more packages. However, the weak or vulnerable ciphers were removed on this batch so it's safe.

In -current, some new updates are coming in:
kernel-firmware to the latest version from gitnano 2.5.3sqlite 3.11.0vim 7.4.1424ruby 2.2.4poppler 0.41.0qca 2.1.1 (remaining qca-* were removed)httpd 2.4.18samba 4.3.5all packages in tcl category were upgradedxf86-video-intel to latest gitxrandr 1.5.0xpdf 3.0.4