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CSB Update for Cinnamon 3.0

Cinnamon 3.0 is now officially announced and first initial packages are now pushed to testing directory at the usual place (Thanks to Darren for hosting the CSB project).

Please note that this packages are built againt Slackware Current per April 24 2016. Since current is still considered a moving target, things *may* break when new updates are coming in the future. Official packages will be rebuilt against Slackware 14.2 when it's released.

Since it's only for public testing, i only build for x86_64 platform.

Please help by testing them and report back whenever you found any issue

Cinnamon 3.0.0 Released

Cinnamon 3.0.0 has been released (but not yet announced at the time this post is published) and sources are now available in their github repository. I took this chance to build the new Cinnamon 3.0.0 on top of latest Slackware Current update on my desktop and so far, i haven't found major issue with this build.

Tonight, i'm planning to build Cinnamon 3.0.0 on top of clean Slackware Current installation from a clean VM and i will publish the unofficial packages for public testing. Hopefully it can be integrated in the next Slackware Live ISO release by Eric Hameleers.

If you are interested to try, you can always build them from source via GITHUB (development branch).

More Updates Goes to Current

Slackware Current keeps advancing towards final release and more packages are getting a bump or patched. Here are the latest update since RC 2:
Kernel: upgraded to 4.4.8 grep: upgraded to 2.25lxc: upgraded to 2.0sqlite: upgraded to 2.12.2NetworkManager: upgraded to 1.2.0ca-certificates: upgraded to 20160104gnupg2: upgraded to 2.0.30motif: upgraded to 2.3.5network-manager-applet: upgraded to 1.2.0glibc-zoneinfo: upgraded to 2016dvim/vim-gvim: upgraded to 7.4.1752cmake: upgraded to 3.5.2libgcrypt: upgraded to 1.7.0mesa: upgraded to 11.2.1imagemagick: upgraded to 6.9.3_8xf86-video-intel: upgraded to latest git commit

Slackware 14.2 RC 2 is here

We are getting closer to the final release of Slackware Linux 14.2 as Pat has labeled the current state as Release Candidate 2. It's been a month since RC 1 and it has received many changes. Along with this batch of updates include two security advisories:
mozilla-thunderbird: Upgraded to 45.0 and applicable to 14.1 and currentsamba: Upgraded to 4.2.11 for Slackware 14.0 and 14.1 and 4.4.2 for current. This fixed the badlock vulnerability. For current itself, we have several interesting changes:
kernel: upgraded to 4.4.7 and include one configuration changegstreamer and gst-plugins-*: upgraded to 1.6.4glibmm: upgraded to 2.46.4gtkmm3: upgraded to 3.18.1gnutls: upgraded to 3.4.11xf86-video-intel: upgraded to 20160224_d167280xf86-video-openchrome: upgraded to 0.4.0geeqie: upgraded to 1.2.3lvm2: upgraded to 2.02.150sqlite: upgraded to 3.12.1tmux: upgraded to 2.2QScintilla: upgraded to 2.9.1harfbuzz: upgraded to 1.2.6libpng: upgraded to 1.6.21libtasn1: upgraded to 4.8sip: upgraded to 4.…

UnOfficial MATE 1.14 Packages

Even though i have stated that i will provide MATE 1.12 for next Slackware 14.2, but that doesn't stop me to provide unofficial binary packages of MATE 1.14 for Slackware-Current users. They are now available under testing directory (x86_64 only for now).

If you want to build from source, you can use 1.14 branch in GitHub.

Help files are now provided, but still not usable unless you have yelp (which requires webkit2gtk available from SBo). It's very time consuming to build so i do not provide a binary package for it. By default, audacious will be used as default file manager. Please change it to Caja in System > Preferences > Personal > Preferred Applications.New package: libwnck3Removed packages: mate-netspeed (merged into mate-applets)perl-xml-twig (dep of mate-system-tools)perl-net-dbus (dep of mate-system-tools)system-tools-backends (dep of mate-system-tools) liboobs (dep of mate-system-tools)mate-system-toolsgnome-main-menu

MATE 1.14 Released

Well, it's just few days after my blog post and now MATE Desktop 1.14 is officially released. As few hours ago, all the tarballs have been published on their public space.

As mentioned before, i will not build MATE 1.14 binary packages for Slackware 14.2 for now, BUT i will provide a separate branch for those who wanted to test MATE 1.14 on top of current machine soon after i have tested this new version.

Please note that in 1.14, i will have to provide at minimum a mix build of GTK+2/3 since some packages have been ported to GTK+3 only and more will follow in the next MATE 1.16 release. There are some features that can't be implemented unless all MATE components have been migrated to GTK+3. High DPI is one of them. Meanwhile, GTK+3 build still left some issues to tackle, so not all components are migrated for this cycle.

Here are the complete ChangeLog for 1.14 (taken from the announcement):
mate-commonRemove references to obsolete MATE components mate-desktopDrop MateConf mi…

Upcoming MATE 1.14

MATE 1.14 will be released soon (no precise date, but probably by this weekend or next week) as upstream are now busy with tarballs generation and doing final testing before launching it for public.

Since Slackware 14.2 is now at RC 1, my plan is to keep building MATE 1.12 for Slackware 14.2 users first and then i can move my focus on preparing MATE 1.14 for Slackware 14.2. MATE 1.12 is very stable at this moment and upstream still keep providing bug fixes to this version, so it's very suitable for Slackware 14.2.

With MATE 1.14, some MATE sub components are now GTK+3 build only as can be seen on the ROADMAP. More components will be ported to GTK+3 build only in future releases. This means that for MATE 1.14, i may provide a mix build of GTK+2 and GTK+3. It's less ideal actually and i'm looking for a possibility of switching to full GTK+3 only since i already have a separate branch for GTK+3 build only. We will see about that when i started to play with MATE 1.14.


Security Update: subversion

One security update was released today:
subversion: Upgraded to 1.9.3 and backported to Slackware 14.0 and newer Interesting update coming to current:
git: Upgraded to 2.8.1nasm: Upgraded to 2.12.01strace: Upgraded to 4.11harfbuzz: Upgraded to 1.2.5librsvg: Upgraded to 2.40.15bluez: Upgraded to 5.39mesa: Upgraded to 11.2.0xf86-video-intel: Upgraded to latest git snapshotxorg: Upgraded to 1.18.3xterm: Upgraded to 324 I do believe Slackware 14.2 will be a great release as it support a vast varity of hardware, have most of the latest version of software and libraries, along with LTS kernel.

Security Update: mercurial and php

Two security update were released last week while i was in Malaysia. They were:
Mercurial: Upgraded to 3.7.3 and backported to all Slackware releasesPHP: Upgraded to 5.6.20 and backported to Slackware 14.0 and newer More updates are coming to Slackware Current as a result of upstream changes and bug fixes from many users posted in LQ:
alsa-*: Upgraded to 1.1.1kernel-firmware: Upgraded to recent version of GIT snapshotat: Upgraded to 3.1.19linux-howtos: Upgraded to a recent releasegnuefi: Upgraded to 3.0.4 and rebuilt elilo against it.ModemManager: Upgraded to 1.4.14dhcp: Upgraded to 4.3.4audicious-*: Upgraded to 3.7.2git: Upgraded to 2.8.0dbus1: Upgraded to 1.10.8grub: Added support for 32 bit UEFIlvm2: Upgraded to 2.02.148hplip: Upgraded to 3.16.3dbus-python: Upgraded to 1.2.4etc: Added polkitd user/groupcmake: Upgraded to 3.5.1iso-codes: Upgraded to 3.66libsecret: Upgraded to 0.18.5urwid: Downgraded to 1.0.3curl: Upgraded to 7.48.0mtr: Upgraded to 0.86brltty: Upgraded to 5.3.1