security update: shadow, util-linux, and curl

February ended with an update from Patrick and it includes several security updates in -current tree only
  • shadow: Rebuilt to fix potential issue with PAM-based system
  • util-linux: Rebuilt to fix potential issue with PAM-based system
  • curl: Upgraded to 7.53.1
There weren't many interesting updates in last week's update:
  • coreutils: Added more file extensions
  • ed: Upgraded to 1.14.2
  • etc: Rebuilt to add new cgred group
  • libcgroup: Rebuilt to fix rc.cgred
  • nano: Upgraded to 2.7.5
  • screen: Upgraded to 4.5.1
  • guile: Upgrade to 2.0.14
  • cairo: Upgraded to 1.14.8
  • fftw: Upgraded to 3.3.6_pl1
  • libimobiledevice: Rebuilt to support iOS 10 devices
  • libsigservd: Upgraded to 2.11
  • ModemManager: Upgraded to 1.6.4
  • NetworkManager: Upgraded to 1.6.2
  • libmbim: Upgraded to 1.14.0
  • libqmi: Upgraded to 1.16.2
  • windowmaker: Rebuilt to disable overly verbose logging messages
I'm looking forward to see GTK+3 stack updated so i can finally test latest MATE Themes. Hopefully that won't took too long :)

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