New GTK+3 Stack and MATE Development Changes

This morning, Patrick has just pushed changes to GTK+3 stack into -current, thanks to Robby Workman. Slackware-Current now ships GTK+3-3.22.10, the latest GTK+3 version available at this moment and also the last 3.x release. There won't be any 3.x release, just bumping on minor releases due to bug fixing.

Along with the GTK updates, there are also other updates such as:
  • btrfs-progs: Upgraded to 4.10.2
  • grub: Upgraded to 2.02
  • lvm2: Upgraded to 2.02.17
  • xfsprogs: Upgraded to 4.10.0
  • tmux: Upgraded to 2.4
  • swig: Upgraded to 3.0.12
  • freetype: Upgraded to 2.7.1
  • harfbuzz: Upgraded to 1.4.6
  • pygobject3: Upgraded to 3.24.1
  • shared-mime-info: Upgraded to 1.7
  • sip: Upgraded to 4.19.2
  • vte: Upgraded to 0.44.3
  • bluez: Upgraded to 5.44
  • iproute2: Upgraded to 4.10.0
  • gparted: Upgraded to 0.28.1
  • many xfce-related updates.
With this update, MATE development will have to change as well. Previously, master and 14.2-mate-1.18 branch is equal since they all use the same GTK+3 version and i can use the same branch to build MATE. Now that current is diverting more and more from 14.2, probably it's time to make separation between these two branches. Stable should work with Slackware 14.2 as usual, while master will be used to track MATE development using -current. I have made the first commit in master not being applied to 14.2-mate-1.18 and that is mate-themes which is now upgraded to 3.22.10 following GTK+3 changes in current and also vte3 removal

I will probably have to rebuilt MATE packages and remove vte3 as the one in -current has been bumped to 0.44.3. Let me see if i can push an update this weekend as my schedule is quite busy these days.

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